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Farewell Denmark!

. Last night… Again. The same contentment, the same pain. Thank you Denmark for the great weather, the good times and the chance encounters. Thank you for the amazing landscapes, the glorious rapefields, and the lilac trees in full bloom. Thank you for meeting with old friends. And thank you for the break from our…… Continue reading Farewell Denmark!

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My favorite curse….

. Sometimes, I think I invented you, out of the blue. Out of boredom maybe, or just because I needed you. An unwritten poem that lingered on my lips when I was about to surrender to  sleep. Like a vaporous goodnight kiss, light as a feather brush. I might have painted you angel wings, while…… Continue reading My favorite curse….

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Thanks for being you!

. This weekend, Chéri and I watched a documentary about different types of truck drivers in Ivory Coast. I think it was meant to show the gap between the growing wealth of the country (which is the world’s number one cocoa beans exporter), and the hard lives of the drivers that work their fingers to…… Continue reading Thanks for being you!

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Bons baisers de Montréal…

. Here in Freezingland, ”cold” is not good enough a reason not to party. But I must confess, when my good friend G invited me to go to Montréal en lumière, I hesitated. I was warm and comfortable at home, and not really in the mood to leave my cozy cocoon. ”No thanks, I need…… Continue reading Bons baisers de Montréal…

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Godt Nytår!!

. My dear Lovelies, 2022 is about to give its last breath, here in Freezingland, and I just wanted to take a minute to come wish you all the best for the new year! From what I’ve read here and there, I know that most of you had ups and down all year long. I…… Continue reading Godt Nytår!!

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Why not another round?

. I know that I haven’t been prolific in any way lately… It hurts not to have the time, the energy or the natural inspiration I used to have. Still, I work hard to keep The Cove alive, even if I know it would need (and deserve) a lot more mingling around, like in the…… Continue reading Why not another round?

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Daddy’s girl…

. Those of you who have had your seat in The Cove since my first steps as a blogger know that Dad has had a rock’n roll couple of years. He had a mild stroke not long before I started my blogging journey. Though he suffered no major side effect from it, the doctors found…… Continue reading Daddy’s girl…

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. Dear Lovelies, 2021 is now over, and I know that many of you are glad that it is. At the end of 2020, we had all put high expectations in the new year… And let’s face it, there were many reasons to be disappointed. I hope that, as we stand in front of this…… Continue reading Cheers!!

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Baby steps…

. Wether you’ve been blogging for a while, or if you’re new in the Bloggosphere, you probably know that one of the things that motivates us to keep going, is a nice milestone. It can be many things… Your first ”View”, your first ”Like”, your first comment. Your first month or year blogging. Getting 50,…… Continue reading Baby steps…

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What an adventure!

  . Very dear Lovelies, This morning, along with my expected 459-day streak notice, I found the above mention in my messages. It really surprised me. Remembering birthdays and anniversaries is not my forté, including my own special dates. So I just sat down, and remembered 6-years-ago me, timidly creating my account, not imagining the…… Continue reading What an adventure!