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What an adventure!




Very dear Lovelies,

This morning, along with my expected 459-day streak notice, I found the above mention in my messages. It really surprised me.

Remembering birthdays and anniversaries is not my forté, including my own special dates. So I just sat down, and remembered 6-years-ago me, timidly creating my account, not imagining the least bit what I was starting…

It took me about a month more to actually start publishing posts. One month thinking about what I wanted my blog to be about. One month of clumsily building The Cove, decorating the walls, hoping that eventually, it would feel like a calm, warm and welcoming place where people would like to hang out.

I had no ambition whatsoever.

In all honesty, I was convinced I’d probably use my blog to blabber about Denmark and my dream to visit Vikingland for a while, just to give my family, friends and co-workers a break. And then, I’d get bored with just talking to myself, and probably disappear in the Bloggosphere.

Who would notice me, right?

And then, some of you started to actually notice me. Whuuuut??

I must say, one of the things I am the proudest of, is that many of the first people I followed and who followed me, are still around to this day ( I looooove you lovely Ladies, and lovely Sirs!!).

I’ve made friends, I’ve lost some… I went to Denmark FOUR times!! (That would be five times, if dang covid hadn’t decided to invite itself worldwide) I also shared my trips to New York City, Paris, and my Australian tour…  I met several other bloggers (all amazing experiences!!). I received massive support in difficult times, and tried to offer a helping hand to people who needed it.

I collaborated with some of you, exchanged thoughts with many. We challenged each other, and we occasionally gathered to fight evil (winning some battles, and losing some). With your help, I started new traditions…

But overall… My main thought, when I look back is to realize that I found my place in an amazing family that is incredibly inclusive and positive in general.

And I want to thank profusely each and everyone of you for making the last 6 years such a great adventure for me.

I can’t list you all (there are only 24 hours in a day). But seriously, if you read this, consider yourself thanked personally!

Thank you for stopping by The Cove. Thank you for staying if you liked what you read or saw. Thank you for giving me your support, with a view, a like, a comment and/or a follow (many follows in some cases). 

I haven’t been the good blogger I once was, lately. I’d have to blame work for that, but I don’t want to give cheap excuses…

But I’m still here, and I am glad to be!

And I hope you’ll still stick with me, because… I do appreciate you all, Lovelies!

*Big hugs*



18 thoughts on “What an adventure!

      1. Yeah, don’t hold your breath, Cyranny. The WP geniuses seem to want to significantly shake things up every three or four years. They call it “progress.”


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