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The girl next door… – FFFC

. Never before her, had he been the peeping type. Still to this day, he felt uneasy, when he caught himself staring down her way. Not so long ago, Will lived a somewhat boring life. Pretty much every day used to be a Groundhog Day (the iconic movie, not the spring time ritual) grotesque caricature.…… Continue reading The girl next door… – FFFC

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After Eight Moments…

. A good partner, Loves you despite your craziness. A great partner, Hops on the crazy train With you!   . . . If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here. Description for the visually impaired; Close up on the pumpkin Chéri carved for me, for Halloween. For obvious reasons, he…… Continue reading After Eight Moments…

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Wraith – Word of the Day Challenge

The Word of The Day is WRAITH. 👻 Please feel free to use the word in a story, poem, or other writing exercises of your own choosing. Please create a ping-back to your post by including a link to this page in whatever you are posting. If you want to participate, create a ping-back to […]WOTD…… Continue reading Wraith – Word of the Day Challenge