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Cyranny’s quickie!



What was the last film that you watched in a movie theater?



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15 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

      1. My husband doesn’t like to go to the theater, but sometimes I go with my son. Why he likes to go to the theater with me is anybody’s guess — he’s a nice-looking guy and could get a real date anytime he wanted one — but every now and then he asks me out. Maybe he feels sorry for me because he knows his dad doesn’t like to go to the theater?


    1. You’re wiser than I am.. I got lured into going to the movies in March because of Mads Mikkelsen’s new movie. But it was a bit scary. I’m really glad I didn’t bring covid back into our home for surrendering to that soft spot of mine 😛

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      1. We have vaccine cards showing vaccination. Things go up and down. Unfortunately my health care region which covers a fair area is also the one with the lowest vaccine uptake. It is fast becoming a tiredness of all doing the correct things to safeguard our neighbors and family and even strangers and yet we are held hostage by a small group of population who feel their needs and desires supersede everyone else’s. That annoys me. Otherwise all is well. T is growing leaps and bounds. And I think Zootopia was 2016 or 2017. He was little lol


    1. I probably wouldn’t have gone back to a movie theater either, if it hadn’t been for Mads Mikkelsen’s new Danish movie (I just love him). Now, we’re waiting for things to really settle down to go back.

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