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Why not another round?



I know that I haven’t been prolific in any way lately…

It hurts not to have the time, the energy or the natural inspiration I used to have. Still, I work hard to keep The Cove alive, even if I know it would need (and deserve) a lot more mingling around, like in the good ol’ days.

Special thanks to you all, who stick with me, no matter what. I didn’t want to throw out names, because I know I’ll forget important ones… But I just have to.

So thank you Cheryl, my dear Bag Lady, who’s had her VIP seat in my little lair since my very first steps in the Bloggosphere. Thank you Brutus, thank you Sadje, thank you Anne, thank you, you and you!

Thank you Trina, Hokey, Alice and Simon…. The core of my Skypy Friday gang. And thanks to all of you, who came by occasionally to chat with us… Suzanne, Marla, Yinglan, Thomas, Melanie, JayLyn and all the others.

Thank you Kristian and Melanie again, for being great partners in the Word of the day Challenge daily, for many years now.

If you are a blogger, you know that the real challenge is to last. And I owe my soon 7th Blogganiversary to you all. Going viral can happen to any of us at anytime (I don’t know how that feels, just yet), but lasting is a gift granted by readers.

So thank you, Lovelies 🙂 🙂 🙂

But I disgress, because what this whole post was supposed to be about is that I received an email last week about the new NYC Midnight Challenge (dang you, Brutus for introducing me to the contest! No I’m just kidding, I love their challenges LOL). They are throwing a 250 words micro fiction challenge at mid November, and though I thought I should turn it down, I did enroll in yesterday night.

So you might see a couple of mini fiction stories in a near future. I just have to practice, to make sure that the judges don’t have to go out of their ways to find positive critiques about my entry story.

I’ll keep you posted, as usual. And let me know if you participate to the challenge too!


P.S. I wanted to put links to all the people I mentionned above, but I just don’t have enough time. But feel free to ask about any of the names you read, and I’ll be glad to give you the link to their blog(s).

10 thoughts on “Why not another round?

  1. Wow. That took me by surprise! Thanks for the positive mention as I am feeling a bit draggy these days. Six years myself and think I’m running on empty! You have a unique blog Catherine and deserve to stay and be read. It’s the time of year when everyone is starting to be overwhelmed with the next months so busy. Love your writing and looking forward to more so hang in👍🏻❤️Thanks again❤️


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    1. Oh Cheryl, you are so very welcome!! I am pretty sure you are the person who supported me for the longest time, no matter what (and only God knows how many times you had to re-follow me). And though I’ve been boring and elusive during this pandemic thing, it is always comforting to see your little draggon-fly landing on my posts… Be assured that you still have your VIP seat in The Cove, and I’d really like to welcome you on one of our Skypy Friday sessions, or arrange a one on one live chat with you after all of these years. *Big hugs*

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  2. I had already planned to pass on the 250 word thing – it just seems way too short. But, hell, if you’re having a go then maybe I will too. Did you read the winning entry of last year? It was brilliant (and intimidating).

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    1. OMG, I hadn’t, but I gave it a read after checking your comment. Now I know why I never went to the second round. LOL I’m glad to count ou in for the challenge, because quite honestly, I hesitated a lot before getting onboard too. Best of luck to you, good Sir, though luck has nothing to do with it. I’m sure you’ll come up with (at least) one good story for us to enjoy.


    1. You’re very welcome Anne 🙂 I might not be as dedicated to my blog as I used to, but you, Biasini and your stories are still dear to my heart. I’ll find a way to get a hold on my life sooner or later, and get back on the horse again (wink).

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