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Daddy’s girl…



Those of you who have had your seat in The Cove since my first steps as a blogger know that Dad has had a rock’n roll couple of years.

He had a mild stroke not long before I started my blogging journey. Though he suffered no major side effect from it, the doctors found out that his carotid artery was almost blocked and had to perform surgery to fix this.

Things went well back then, if you put aside the fact that I had to argue with Dad because he was willing to get discharged from the hospital against the doctors’ will.

Then, in March of 2019, I got a call from Mom in the middle of the night, to say that Dad had had a second stroke. Much more serious this time, his body’s left side was partially paralized. And oh! Surprise… Doctors found out that his other carotid artery was also badly blocked (sounds familiar?).

Second surgery, and we were all hoping that the worst was behind us all.

But if you know Murphy as well as I do, you know that’s never the case.

And before we got to sigh with relief, Dad was moved to Montréal, and Mom came to live with Chéri and I overnight awaiting an urgent triple coronary by-pass.

I will never be able to express my true gratefulness for the support I got from you Lovelies… Seriously, I was running out of hope.

Thank God, everything went well.

And though Dad had to go through intense treatments to regain his autonomy, things got better, slowly but surely.

Tomorrow morning, Dad is going under surgery again. Doctors will be drilling through five of his vertebras, to try to rid him of a back pain that has been affecting him for about four years.

It is not an unusual surgery, but it is still in Dad’s backbone… And I can’t say that I am totally confident.

Hey! Statistically speaking, Dad should be doing great tomorrow afternoon.

But Daddy’s little girl can’t help but worry.

If you have a good thought to spare or two, send them Dad’s way please.  

18 thoughts on “Daddy’s girl…

    1. Thank you, Fandango! The surgery was postponed at the last minute, but I think that was a good thing. Even if I wish Dad was on his way to recovery by now, I believe that it’s probably better to wait a little more. *Fingers crossed*

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    1. Thank you… The surgery got postponed, but I have a feeling that all the good thoughts and prayers whispered to the doctor’s ear not to push it, after working the graveyard shift. Let’s just hope next time will be the right one, and that it’ll go well 🙂


    1. Thank you, Sadje 🙂 We’ll still have to wait, as the surgery has been postponed. I have a feeling all of your warm thoughts and prayers murmured to the surgeon’s ear, to keep him from making mistakes after a long night shift.

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    1. Thank you Bridgette 🙂 I think that there were a loooot of good thoughts and prayers going Dad’s way today. And as a result, the surgeon (who had been working all night) decided that he wasn’t fit to perform his morning scheduled procedures. And though it is a bit frustrating to still wait, I think it was a good call 🙂

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    1. Merci mon amie! I have a feeling you crossed more than just your fingers… Dad’s doctor decided that he wouldn’t perform his morning scheduled surgeries because he had been working all night long. Back to square one, but at least, Dad didn’t get operated on by a guy half asleep!!


  1. Your dad has been what my Mom would have called through the mill. But he survived the more dangerous ops so be stalwart and positive. This will be the easy one. Good luck to all and keep the faith Catherine❤️👍🏻🥰

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    1. Awww so true Cheryl… It most likely should be like a walk in the park compared to what Dad already experienced, but he’ll still have to wait. His surgeon had been operating all night long the evening before, and decided not to go on with his morning appointments. Back to square one. Let’s hope we won’t have any bad surprises when Dad gets a new spot.

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