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Little update…



I’ll keep it short tonight, because I really want to spend time replying to those of you who wrote to me after yesterday night’s post.

This morning, I got unusually nervous, as Dad’s surgery time got closer. It was the first time I wasn’t physically with Mom and Little Bro in similar times, and for some reason, I was worried this would jinx our ongoing luck streak.

Around 11 am, I got a message from Little Bro saying that the surgery had been postponed at the last minute. The surgeon had worked all night long, and didn’t feel like it was a wise to go on with the procedures he had on his schedule.

Of course, it was disappointing in a way. We’re back to waiting for a new appointment, the pre-op testing and the stress of the upcoming surgery.

But I am very grateful that this doctor was honest enough to call it a day.

Seriously… Thanks a lot, Doc!




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