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Good evening, dear Lovelies, I hope this finds you doing well. Oh what a week it’s been, and I wish I could say it is over, but today was just day 5 of a twelve days straight stretch at work. For those of you who are regulars in The Cove, yes, I am still training…… Continue reading Cyra-newz!

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Please don’t… (and update)

Since our blogs were stolen, I’ve been monitoring the posts they had copied from The Cove, from time to time… Hoping they would be gone, refresh after refresh. And a few minutes ago…. I don’t want to rejoice too soon, but I’d like to think that we succeeded. Really, tyg-thieves…. Don’t come back!    …… Continue reading Please don’t… (and update)

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Wall of Fame… Update!

  Happy Saturday Lovelies! Just a quick note to give you an update about my dear Wall of Fame! As you can see it on the above picture, a new card has been added today, and now I’ll have a lovely hand made Dannebrog literally greeting me, each day that I sit at my desk!…… Continue reading Wall of Fame… Update!

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Hungry birds…

    Remember Mr Sparrow? Well, Jack (sorry, my creativity is still sleeping) hasn’t moved the Sparrow family to another nest after all. I think he and the Mrs just did an impressive job at hiding from me for a little while. But recently, the Sparrow toddlers learnt how to chirp. And I am guessing…… Continue reading Hungry birds…

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Short note…

It is late, but I feel like I owe a little note. It was one of these long days, when all you do, mainly, is wait… Wait for good news, meaning that you can let your mind rest. Dad went through his heart surgery yesterday (Thursday). It went well, according to his surgeons, but when…… Continue reading Short note…

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Just when you think it’s over…

  Thursday night, I came back to MontrĂ©al, in a somewhat peaceful state of mind. Dad’s discharge was just a matter of time, he just needed to see the cardiologist, this morning, and then it would be pack-up time, and Mom would take him back home. At 4h40 this afternoon, I got Mom’s confirmation that…… Continue reading Just when you think it’s over…

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A dang break, please!

I love spending time with Mom. I love spending time with Dad. Same with my little brother… My parents’ house is very comfortable, and it is a very lovely place to spend time at. But leaving my own home without notice, and being away from it for a week comes with its load of frustrations.…… Continue reading A dang break, please!