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Work in progress…



As you might know, on January 8th, I embarked on my (new) journey to learn Danish.

Crazy, I know… But since Chéri and I are planning a new trip to Vikingland soon, it motivated me to press the ”subscribe here” button, and I did embark this insane roller-coaster.

Surprisingly, though I didn’t post about my progress along the way as I intended, I did hold on so far. I am about to start unit 18, out of the 20 that the course offers.

I am a little behind schedule, but considering my two recent back and forth trips to Trois-Rivières for the death of my aunt, I think that I’m still on my track.

I never thought I’d say that, but I am proud of myself.  Not only do I keep up with work and my everyday life, but I keep up with being active online, and I find time to better my Danish skills. And soon enough, I should be able to say that I have my certificate as a certified danish beginner licenced person.

And that’s pretty cool.

I had learnt a lot on my side previously, but, my serious classes proved that I love this intricate language more than I thought.

I might not be fluent, yet. But I am getting better.

One word/expression at a time…

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