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What’s up with your neighbours?



As you might know, if you are a regular in The Cove, I have developped a habit of spying on my across the street neighbours, the past two years.

I would blame covid for it, but to be honest, I had already noticed suspicious things happening before we got grounded by our gouvernment in March of 2020. So yeah, I really can’t blame the pandemic, but it sure gave me a good reason to intensify my surveillance.

At first, my weekly reports were just a humorous way to keep blogging, because Chéri and I were stuck at home pretty much 24/7. If you haven’t followed my previous posts on the subject (you can always make a research with the words ”serial killer neighbours” in my search engine), it all started with the insane garbage disposal that happened every Wednesday night across the street.

I took pictures, calculated the ratio of trash bags per apartment, and spied week after week, after week, to prove that it wasn’t just a coincidence, or something that was only happening in my head.

Getting caught by Creepy Waldo did make me more cautious, and my last post dates back to January 26th.

Which doesn’t mean that the pile of trash is any more reasonable every Wednesday, or that I stopped my spying altogether. Far from it.

And when my dear friend Simon asked what was up with my suspicious neighbours, I thought I should get back to the subject.

So here’s a short recap of some of the things I noticed and took pictures of, during the past two and a half months… Buckle up!


January 5th.




It was a quiet, normal trash-night evening, when I noticed an ambulance parked on the other side of the street. The paramedics were running in and out of the apartment with the multi-colored Christmas lights.

As you might be thinking yourself, my first guess was a murder that might have gone wrong (no that they usually go just fine)… It was taking a looooot of time, and I started considering the fact that the oldish couple living there might be trying to bribe the paramedics into disposing of the dead body claiming that it was an ”accident”. The fact that the police didn’t get involved seemed to go in that direction. That, or maybe the couple were killing the bribe-refusing witnesses.

Unfortunately, the paramedics ended up taking the old man out on a stretcher. (No worries, he is back home, and it looks like he’s doing fine)




On the same night, the lights on the second floor of the next door building were on for quite a while. It was the first time I noticed that happening, especially with the curtains open. Again, I spent some time watching, hoping to catch a furtive silhouette…

With no luck.

By all means, a disappointing night.


February 16th.




I remember being grumpy that night, because if it hadn’t been of covid’s stupid influence on our lives, I would have been at the Bell Center, enjoying the Imagine Dragons’ show. But nooooooooo. We were still stuck at home, so as a (minor) protest, I decided to go to the convenience store to enjoy whatever entertainement I still could.

On my way back, I thought I’d give you a closer look of my neighbours’ pile of trash (my apartment is the second floor one with the lights on). I was standing right in front of the (alledged) serial killer people’s window when I took these pictures, which, I believe, is my boldest move, so far…




Sorry for the blurriness, as mentionned, I was standing dangerously close to the house of horrors, but I just had to give a kick in one of the bags.

What can I say? I am a people pleaser…

Whatever was in said bag was pretty solid, but the temperature was well under the freezing point, so I’m not ruling out the possibility that it contained body parts just yet.


March 2nd.




A couple of days before, we had had a snowstorm.

The city picked up the excess of snow on Wednesday evening, but when I got out to leave our garbage bag on the side of the street, I noticed that the city workers had swung the whole street’s trash bags on people’s front yards (that’s my landlords’ bag in the front).

What was I to do? Just dispose of my bag and walk back up? I felt bad for all of my not-suspicious-so-far neighbours, and I knew I would be absolutely pissed, if I had to put on all of my Winter clothes just to put a bag back where I had already put it, hours earlier. And that IF these people weren’t already in bed, meaning that the bags wouldn’t get moved in time.

And I had a feeling that the garbage people wouldn’t go through the trouble of looking for the missing bags…




So I did what felt right, and I moved all the bags and the trash bins of my neighbours. Did I move across the street to do the other side, you might wonder?


I wouldn’t want to risk getting charged of moving pieces of evidence in a possible police inquiry. Plus, let’s face it, I’m not fit enough to carry that much trash.


March 7th.




Not a garbage night. Not even an evening, for that matter.

In the middle of the afternoon, a little pickup truck parked in front of my apartment. A stranger got out of the vehicule with the tiniest chainsaw I had ever seen. As you might remember, city workers have cut the tall tree that used to stand in front of my home (RIP my dear old tree friend!!), but we still had a pretty big stump to remind us of it.

The key word here is had because the tiny-chainsaw man started cutting into it. Apparently, the chainsaw was twice as noisy, and half as effective, as it was small, and it looked like quite a challenge to take care of my stump.

I was really annoyed, both because of the noise nuisance, and the fact that he was butchering my late tree. But I thought, ”Hey, this guy might be a father (well, he was, his kid was waiting for him in the pickup) struggling to pay for bills, and maybe that’s the way he has found to keep his family warm”.

So I endured the annoyance, and the mess he left after taking half (why only half??) of the stump, after much much efforts.


March 12th.




Yup! The next Saturday, I got my answer to that last question…

He had only taken half, because apparently, annoying people wasn’t enough. He had to do it several times.

And on this second round, I was less comprehensive. I just wished I could call 911, to know if it was legal to steal tree stumps. But I didn’t want the police to profile me as the strange lady calling for stupid things.

When I call them for the serial killers accross the street, I need a clear file.

Still, I really really wanted this to stop.




And suddenly, I got really excited.

A police car was parking just across the street. Had one of my neighbours called them, not minding the much more serious business we were facing around the block? Was this mere luck??

No. The blue car, in front of the police’s vehicule was the main focus of the policemen, and for some strange reason, the butchering stopped as soon as tiny-chainsaw man spotted authorities nearby.

I just wanted to get out on my balcony to get the policemen’s attention, and point out to him. But just as I was debating doing that with Chéri, something happened.




The wife (I’m assuming she is, she lives across the street, I’m not comfortable chatting with these people) of the man that was transported to the hospital earlier in this post, showed up on her balcony.

At first, I thought she was going shopping. But she stayed in the stairs a looong, long time, staring at the officers, then glancing at the annoying chainsaw man, than back at the law officers again.

I was quietly (well, not so quietly) cheering for her to walk to the policemen. I was ready to clear all my doubts about serial killing, regarding her and her husband (which is a pretty big thing, come to think of it).




And she did!!

There was a long talk, and a lot of pointing out, which left little to interpretation as to what she was telling the two law officers.

They never crossed the street (the policemen, that is), but the tiny-chainsaw man packed his stuff and left.

Never to be seen, so far.

Yay you, Lady!

That leaves me with yet another mission to fill. I feel like I need to walk in the neighbourhood to see if other stumps have been butchered like mine.

Until then, I’ve hired Bob the squirrel to watch out on my behalf (as seen on the first picture of this post), so I am aware of any unusual activity in the erea.

That way, you’ll get all the sensitive information.

Because, you Lovelies deserve it.


And Simon, if you read this, the post was largely written for you. Even if it felt like a common interest matter… Mouhahahahahahaha

5 thoughts on “What’s up with your neighbours?

  1. Ha ha, I don’t know why my family think I am nosey… I was convinced next door-but-one were up to something strange; often gone for ages, broken blinds never open, house neglected, obviously growing illegal drugs or keeping slaves. Then suddenly one day new windows were fitted, house painted, new porch… it also turns out when actually getting a chance to chat to them that she has her own house and they share their time between the two houses. Bother, that’s a story gone.


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