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A (very) rare sight!

. No, I am not done just yet! If you are the kind of people that I would call one of my Lovelies, you know what I am talking about. If you don’t get the above picture, here’s a short recap! For many (MANY) months now, I’ve been keeping an eye on my across-the-street strange…… Continue reading A (very) rare sight!

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What’s up with your neighbours?

. As you might know, if you are a regular in The Cove, I have developped a habit of spying on my across the street neighbours, the past two years. I would blame covid for it, but to be honest, I had already noticed suspicious things happening before we got grounded by our gouvernment in…… Continue reading What’s up with your neighbours?

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If the trash can, so can you!

. When I go on my occasional walk outside our little cozy cocoon, I am always looking for the odd and the unusual. It is almost obsessive, and it might explain why I usually walk alone. Apparently, it makes people (Chéri) uncomfortable that I don’t mind getting on all fours to take a close up…… Continue reading If the trash can, so can you!

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It’s beginning to look a lot…

. Well, not a whole lot like Christmas, at least not like the ones we had when I was just a little girl. But still, we did get a tiny bit of snow tonight, and since Mother Nature seems to be quite drunk lately, I am guessing that we’ll get icy rain later and tomorrow…… Continue reading It’s beginning to look a lot…

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Ghost sighting… Again!

. You Lovelies are the greatest, and I really should remind you more often. For one thing, never before have I seen people getting (somewhat) genuinely interested in a blogger’s neighbours without ever getting to see said neighbours. For months now, some of you have been following my stupid stalking. Stupid, because, as you know,…… Continue reading Ghost sighting… Again!

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When you cut them some slack…

. Happy Wednesday night, to you all… It is that time of the week, again, when I just wait for the sun to set, to see what will happen on the other side of the street. I have skipped a couple of weeks, and you probably thought I was just bored with this (alledged) serial…… Continue reading When you cut them some slack…

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The evidence is piling up…

. Quite literally. Just so you Lovelies know, I’m still trying to keep a low profile and so far, it’s been paying off. I am still alive and unharmed, which, let’s face it, it a pretty dang good thing when you live so close to dangerous people! But just to be on the safe side,…… Continue reading The evidence is piling up…

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Hey! It’s just Tuesday!

I promise I am not a creepy person… I am no sociopath that intensively spies on her neighbours with bad intentions. But when you’ve been trapped in your second floor apartment for fifteen months, and you have neighbours like mine, you just end up looking like one. What can I say? Entertainment is entertainment, and…… Continue reading Hey! It’s just Tuesday!