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And you thought I was crazy…



Admit it!

A little more than two years ago, when I started documenting the insane amount of trash that my across-the-street neighbours were getting rid of, I know that it crossed your mind. Suspecting that my neighbours were serial killers, slaughtering innocents, choping them to pieces, and throwing them out with their less incriminating garbage, regardless the dozens of pictures I provided, probably seemed over the top.

Because nobody would be stupid enough to dispose of a corpse so bluntly, right?

Even the worst psychopath wouldn’t be arrogant enough to think that they could get away with this. Or so you think!

Because yesterday morning, just about 10 minutes away from my apartment, two poor (to say the least) garbage men had the surprise of their lives when they dumped the content of a trash can in the back of their truck.

Believe it or not (if you really don’t, you can read the – few – details here ), someone had put the lifeless body of a 58 years old man in the bin, not even bagged! Come on! That screams ”amateur” so loudly, doesn’t it?? They might aswell have written ”Catch me if you can” with a black sharpei marker on the poor man’s chest (well, maybe they did… The police isn’t releasing much details about the investigation so far!).

To say that I was glad to see that on the news would be a big mistake. It is terrible, aweful  news… But, I’d be lying, if I said that I didn’t think at some point ”I told you all so!”

I also grinned when the officer said live on tv that the police department wasn’t tossing aside the possibility that it would be a ”suspicious death”.

WHUT??? Not tossing it aside?

That IS the definition of a suspicious death, in my book! I’ve spent over two years trying to raise your suspicion when it comes to my (probably) absolutely normal neighbours.

And now, this?

Life has yet again surpassed fiction (until proven otherwise), and reality apparently is worse than my crazy, marble-losing mind.

And if I were you, I’d be afraid of that.

7 thoughts on “And you thought I was crazy…

  1. I knew you were right all along, though my next door but one, who I was sure were up to something with their broken blinds that never moved, got new windows and had the whole house done up without any dead bodies emerging.


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