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The madness is spreading…



And I wish I was joking…

Two weeks ago, when garbage men discovered a corpse while emptying a trashcan in a neighbourhood next to ours (you can catch up here), I was somewhat amused. Despite the obvious tragedy, I thought that it was ironic that such events would happen so close to where I live after building fake (or is it) evidence against my own neighbours.

But yesterday, it happened again. Not in the same area, but still…

Luckily, this time, the cops were called in when someone noticed traces of blood around an apartment. I’m guessing that ”someone” is either a regular in The Cove, or they have watched the Dahmer series on Netflix, and are aware that a good neighbourhood watch can save lives (unfortunely, not this time).

Thanks to ”someone’s” vigilance, no garbage man was mentally scarred for the rest of his life. The policemen found the beaten to death body of another man in the trashcan sitting in the building’s yard.

Again, not even bagged up, and I feel like I need to repeat myself here. That is just not professional. At all.


I did keep collecting unusual activities concerning my (maybe) serial killer neighbours. I didn’t share it so far… Because I thought that if life was topping my insane obsession, it just wasn’t worth going on.

But now that there is a patern (I know that the possible perpetrator is still one murder short from being called a ”serial killer”, but that’s not considering that person could be my neighbour!), I might aswell spill the beans out in the Bloggosphere, if only to be able to say ”I told you so” when the whole story unfolds.

Two weeks ago, shortly after the first killing, I caught this:




Think what you will, but I have a feeling that this old man was planting a bomb under the car. Fortunately for us, it didn’t blow up at its original location… Which, again, proves how much more smart my neighbours are! I’ve never the car since, and don’t let the fact that I had never seen it before the day I took the picture give you a wrong impression.




Chéri and I (well, mainly I) didn’t want to take chances… So we went out of our way to throw enough stuff out to impose respect. Do you have any idea how hard it is to gather that much garbage? Thank God we were on vacation. It gave us the chance to be creative.




Last week, we (I) thought we should keep the intimidation going on, and we (I) soon found out that the neighbours were tagging along. Which is now worrying, because with the new ”real” murder being all around the news, we (I) will have to do better this week, and I really don’t feel like throwing out one of our couches.




Last but not least… The above picture was taken earlier today. An amazingly rare sighting of one of my actual neighbours. I’ll let you judge, but to me, it seems like the kind of man who physically could take down a smaller person. Not mentionning many ones.

Geez, I am happy Chéri ordered pepper spray for whenever he’s away (and I have a feeling even when he’s home – but shushhh don’t tell him).

Please, don’t. He’s a lovely person, just trying to keep us safe.

Because we might need that safety, with everything going on….

And if a third murder happens, the couch will have to go.

I guess…

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