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Ghost sighting… Again!



You Lovelies are the greatest, and I really should remind you more often.

For one thing, never before have I seen people getting (somewhat) genuinely interested in a blogger’s neighbours without ever getting to see said neighbours. For months now, some of you have been following my stupid stalking.

Stupid, because, as you know, I very well might end up in one (or several) of these black garbage bags. I do realize that my chances of getting abducted and killed are rising for one of two reasons… Either I am right, and the people across the street will eliminate me before I make a call to the cops (in that case, I recommend they also kill Chéri, because he knows everything I know), or I am wrong, but my neighbours might get tired of seeing me taking pictures of their building e-ve-ry Wednesday evening.

In either cases, I’ll consider that they are proving me right!

Now, I must say that Summer spying was much more fun then what it has become the past couple of weeks. Back in August, I could easily wait, sitting on the balcony, with the occasional glass of wine, hoping for something to happen. With the temperatures dropping well below the freezing point, dressing (much) warmer is an absolute requirement. Not mentionning that sitting on the balcony at -10 Celsius is a rather rare thing to do, even for citizens of Freezingland. And you don’t want to look suspicious around (alleged) serial killers, right?

But… I am a dedicated blogger, and after getting a question from my dear friend Suzanne (yes, I am very very late on my comment-answering, and I appologize for that. But I do read what you write to me, each and every comment, and I appreciate them all), which went like this;

Is this phone any better at getting good ghost pictures?

Because, yes, at the beginning of October I got a new Samsung phone that I basically use as a camera. And I’ve been trying to catch another ghost picture ever since. The phone is super reliable, the ghosts, not so much!

Tonight, I braved the cold and went on the downstairs balcony, while Chéri was taking our lonely bag of trash on the sidewalk. I was snapping a couple of random shots of the bunch of bags on the other side of the street, when I caught the above picture.


See??  It seems obvious to me that my (alleged) killer neighbours’ stolen souls are still lingering around.

It’s still not over. And I’m still standing (sometimes crouching down, just to be sure), and I’ll be posting you.

That’s a promise!

5 thoughts on “Ghost sighting… Again!

  1. Alternate theory: it’s just a man walking quickly past the smell of decomposing flesh…

    How about instead of stalking your psycho neighbors, you and the other neighbors that it bothers get together and get them a trashcan for Christmas….whether you buy a cheap one at the store, or if you have the big local bins with the wheels, just calling the township/municipality and telling them that your neighbors forgot to ever ask for one. Just a random thought for today.


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