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A (very) rare sight!



No, I am not done just yet!

If you are the kind of people that I would call one of my Lovelies, you know what I am talking about.

If you don’t get the above picture, here’s a short recap!

For many (MANY) months now, I’ve been keeping an eye on my across-the-street strange neighbours’ trash. And why would I do this, you might wonder? Very good question, and there are three (main) reasons why…


  1. One word: Pandemic. Because of it, my life has been reduced to very minimal action, and neighbourhood-watching seemed like the perfectly safe (but that’s debatable, on the long term) and cheap hobby.
  2. They DO throw out olympic amounts of garbage, and the situation deserved my Wednesday attention. No matter how crazy that may seem.
  3. Blame the rest of the story on my crazy imagination… And on the people who somehow got interrested in my on-going inquiry (you know who you are, and I love you for encouraging my trip down this rabbit hole).


My best guess… Or should I say the most entertaining for my bored brain, was that my neighbours are very active serial killers, disposing of the weekly corpses in the big black plastic bags.

I have no proof, so far, that I might be wrong. And I stand by my theory.

So, what’s new?

Well, as you can see on the above picture, my neighbours have started to try to create an illusion by throwing out pieces of furniture. Obviously (at least to me) to make the pile of bags look a little less impressive.




Two weeks in a row.




Last week, we were back to the usual body bags, with the exception of the big flower pot. But that’s not what actually caught my eye.

Let me help you…




Do you see that gorgeous magnolia tree in the background? It had just bloomed, and I knowing how unpredictable weather can be at this time of the year… I just had to get out of my pajamas, and go for a little walk to have a close encounter with said tree. The sunlight was so very pretty, and so was the magnolia tree. Which resulted in the following.




Yesterday was Wednesday again, and I was hoping for something exciting.

But I didn’t expect what I was about to get.

Drumroll please…

Oh dang, I can hardly believe it.




In the twelve and a half years we’ve lived in our apartment, I’d say this is the second or maybe third time I get to see one of my (alledged) serial killer neighbours.

To say that I was excited to catch a picture of her is an understatement. And you can’t possibly imagine the eye-rolling I got from ChΓ©ri (hard to believe that to this day, he still highly doubts my assumptions).

But I’m sorry, if they keep feeding me clues, I’ll keep (loosely) investigating.

In the end, we’ll see who’s right. And that shall be me. I’m pretty sure of that. Well, maybe not very sure, but sure enough.

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