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It’s beginning to look a lot…



Well, not a whole lot like Christmas, at least not like the ones we had when I was just a little girl. But still, we did get a tiny bit of snow tonight, and since Mother Nature seems to be quite drunk lately, I am guessing that we’ll get icy rain later and tomorrow morning, it will most likely be plain rain, and any trace of the snow would be gone by then.

So I had to rush outside to take a couple of pictures, despite the darkness.




Disappointed? I understand you… There was so little of the white stuff, that I didn’t even have to put my winter boots on.

Of course, I had to take the trash out (it would have been quite rude to get dressed up – aka wearing my winter coat and a woolen scarf over my old pajamas – to go picture taking, and leave it to Chéri to take out the bag, LOL). And obviously, check on my neighbours’… But they had conveniently parked cars to block my view.




Dang people!

I was about to give up, and making peace with the idea of not having anything odd to show this week, when I had the strange feeling of being watched. The watching part is usually done by me, and I started scanning around to find who was making me uneasy.

Uh oh!




Can you see the creepy Waldo? No? Let me try to help you a little…




How about now?

Ok, do you see that lit up second-floor balcony on the right? And the silhouette in the window on the left of the apartment door?


That’s creepy Waldo, not so subtely spying on me.

When I spotted him, I had the reflex of staring straight back. And then I realized that might not be very wise of me. Up to now, I was only suspecting the people of the two apartment buildings on the left to be serial killers… But come to think of it, at first, I thought the questionable activities only took place in the far left building.

Could serial killing be a spreadable illness? And apparently, a very contagious one?

I’m starting to think that Omicron should be the last of my concerns…

Creepy Waldo’s on the watch. And I’ll keep an eye on him too.

You know the saying, ”an eye for an eye”.

Just in case creepy Waldo’s following my blog… I’m sleeping with my Japanese blades tonight.

Just sayin’… LOL

12 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot…

  1. Your creepy Waldo kinda looks like someone passing in front of the window to me. I dunno.

    The window one above and to the left of the one with your creepy Waldo looks like a man in a grey suit jacket and a white surgical style mask is looking out. I thought that’s who you meant at first. I think it’s time you for yourself a Rottweiler for Christmas. Spying Waldo neighbors with trashbags. I think I would move lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhh LOL and re-LOL! We are thinking about moving, but since it is at the top of my ”things I hate to do” list, I postpone it week after week. It worries me that you spotted yet another menace in my immediate neighbourhood. It is a bit late to ask for a rottweiler, but it definately doesn’t rule out a ”from me to me” last minute gift. I’ll keep you posted 😉


      1. Hahaha. That, or a jungle cat.

        Did you really not notice the guy in that window, or am I just seeing things in the shadows again?

        Sometimes, you and your very unique trashbag theory seem absolutely sane compared to what happens in my head. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I honestly didn’t notice the silhouette when I took the picture. In my defence, I was focusing on creepy Waldo. I WILL be looking out for that other window from now on. And if you brain is wilder than mine, I’d like a ticket to visit it… How much would you charge? 😉


      3. Hahaha um. I don’t know. It’s worse than a haunted mansion in there.

        Ok so you have creepy Waldo. We have to come up with a name for the masked murderer. Wait…did I just create it? 🤔


    1. He is indeed. I checked tonight and he wasn’t there. Maybe he’s been checking on me for weeks also?? Who knows, he might have a blog, and might be posting about the weird lady taking random pictures of the neighbourhood’s trash bags 😛 I’m a bit confused, now. LOL


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