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Is the need to kill contagious?



As you might have noticed, I’ve given my (alledged) serial killer neighbours a break, for a couple of weeks. Well… That’s not entirely true. I’ve been checking on them, but I have skipped reporting on their suspicious behaviors for a few Wednesdays.

There are a couple of (very) good reasons for that.

  • I’m currently working hard on rescheduling my everyday life to become the blogger I used to be… I am blessed to get all of your precious comments, and you deserve the interactions we used to have. Be patient, please. I’m coming back, that’s a promise 🙂
  • I live in Freezingland, as you might remember. And dressing up to face -45 C just to take one or two pictures is a little silly. Especially since taking photos requires to take off gloves and/or mittens… No! Just no. I like my fingers. They make typing a lot easier.
  • Even if I was game enough to put on 250 layers of clothes to take the trash out (and incidentally taking a couple of photos), Chéri’s schedule changed recently, and he is off on Wednesdays… Why would I go through all the trouble when his turn is up?
  • Two words… Creepy Waldo. Ever since I spotted him spotting me, I thought I should lay low for a while. After all, what good will I be if I end up in one (or many) of these black plastic bags??


With that said, yes, I am a couple of weeks behind. BUT that doesn’t mean that nothing happened.

A couple of days back, I had to go on a walk in my neighbourhood, to fetch a couple of indispensable goods. And that’s when I took the above and following pictures (Don’t worry, it wasn’t all that cold that particular day… All of my digits made it through).




Holy dang! That is a LOT of trash for a single family house.

Is the whole serial killer thing spreading in the neighbourhood?? I’m starting to fear for my life. I hate moving, but I might consider the possibility. Then again, I would lose all the serial killer material for my blog.

That would suck.

I do enjoy spying on them.

Oh well, we’ll see.

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