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If the trash can, so can you!



When I go on my occasional walk outside our little cozy cocoon, I am always looking for the odd and the unusual. It is almost obsessive, and it might explain why I usually walk alone. Apparently, it makes people (Chéri) uncomfortable that I don’t mind getting on all fours to take a close up picture of something weird found lying on a sidewalk.

But that’s beside the point.

Hey, we’re talking about a girl (me) who’s been spying on her neighbours’ garbage weekly for at least two years. So yeah, I don’t mind being awkward.

And since we’re talking about garbage, we might as well get back to the main subject of this post, which is the above picture, that I took during the mentionned walk.

For the usual pedestrian, it might not look special in any way. It is not a pretty trash can, or a fancy technologic one.

No, but it was sending out a message that we could all benefit from.

Let’s have a closer look;




”Je suis débordée? SVP, n’en rajoutez pas.”

Which roughly translates into ”Have I had enough? (literally ”Am I full?”) Please, don’t add to it.”

And I thought… That’s so true! I need to get one of these signs and I’ll gladly wear it. Because sometimes it just feels like I could wear a warning that I am not ready to take any more bullsh*t from people around me.

You know… Just thinking…

If a trash can can make a statement, so should we all!

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