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Work in progress…



As you might know, on January 8th, I embarked on my (new) journey to learn Danish.

I’d blame it on Pinot Noir, but I’ve wanted to really learn the language for so many years… So let’s just say that the alcohol convinced me to let go of a few hundred dollars to achieve my dream.

I had big doubts at first. It was a significant investment, and I am not the most disciplined girl in town.

But Sigga (my danish teacher) is a brilliant woman, and her flexible plans, time-wise, helped me find my natural learning pace.

As mentionned in this post, sharing my progress is supposed (and I believe it) to help me keep on track when motivation is not at its best. So far so good, but I keep in mind that the next couple of weeks could be tricky. Because the lessons are taking longer and longer to study, and I am aware that I can kneel down any time.

Two weeks into the course, I’m working on unit 7th of the 20 units class. Which means that I am spot on schedule. Surprisingly.

I’ll soon post some audio files, hoping that lovely Danes will drop by, and let me know if my diction is to the least understandable. That would make my day, if not my week or my month. So if you have any Danish speaking friends or relatives, I’d love it if you would invite them to visit my blog.

Stort knus (big hugs), until my next update.

Wish me luck 😉

7 thoughts on “Work in progress…

    1. Awww Cheryl, how kind of you for checking (even if Google wasn’t nice enough to provide you with an answer LOL)

      I think you could say ”Hyg dig” which means ”Have a good time” 🙂

      Love you xx


    1. I meant to mention it last Friday, but I didn’t get a chance…

      I’m working hard to make my danish friends proud. You probably won’t understand a word when I post my audio files, but I’m glad you’re eager to hear them anyway. Means a lot to me 🙂 Big hugs xx

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