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Work in progress…



As you might know, last week I (re)started learning Danish.

This time I invested in a serious course.

It’s only beginner level, and I wouldn’t fool myself into thinking that completing it will make me fluent in the intricate language of the Danes… But it is very professionally built, by a Danish teacher residing in Copenhagen, really focusing on helping her students speak and understand spoken Danish. And that’s what I lacked the most.

What I also lacked, was an actual plan. But thanks to Sigga (my teacher), I now have one.

And one important part of that plan, according to Sigga, is to share my goal with as many people as possible, to have a(nother) good reason to keep going when the motivation wears off (because it is going to happen at some point – thank you Murphy!).

So, having started this program on January 8th, I should be done by February 26th.

What am I saying?? I will be done by February 26th!

And in the meanwhile, I’ll occasionally publish posts to give updates on my learning journey (not that I think that it is something that will be very popular, but hey! I’m just trying to turn the usual odds around – because 85% of people starting such a course usually quit before the end).

I didn’t get any reply to my Taler du dansk post so far, so what I thought I’d do, is to record example sentences I learnt in my week’s lessons and link them in said posts, hoping a lovely Dane will eventually drop by The Cove and either tell me I’m doing well, or politely send me back to practicing (and if I am doing bad, I will appreciate the honesty to tell me that I suck, Mouahahahahahah).

If you are interrested, see you in the next ”Work in progress” post.  If not, don’t worry. I love you anyway!

*Stor knus* (big hugs)

10 thoughts on “Work in progress…

    1. I tried, but Danish clubs in Québec seem to be very closed to foreigners. I will join in some online Danish learners channels though, hoping they can help me improve my diction 😉


    1. Thanks Venus 🙂
      I’m sending you good thoughts too. I think that sharing our current interests gives us an oportunity to connect with people with similar interests. I wish you do, as I wish I’ll get news from Danish interested people 😉


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