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Taler du dansk?



As previously mentionned here, I had a brain bubble earlier this week, and on a whim, subscribed to an online Danish class.

I missed Denmark and everything Danish, and it was about time I picked up on the studying I had done pretty much on my own when I started The Cove. I thought I might have lost most of what I learnt back then, and I just migh have, but judging by my first exercises, a lot of the knowledge seemed to have sinked into my brain. (Surprise, surprise!)

And that’s why I’m looking for someone who’d like to help me practice. 

If you are a Dane, or a Danish speaker willing to help me improve my skills, please let me know in the comments. If you know anyone who fits the description that might be interrested in helping a poor Freezinglang gal trying to learn one of Vikingsland’s languages, please spread the word.

I’m not asking for much… Just to test what I’m learning. To make sure the classes will pay off when I travel back to Denmark 🙂

So… Taler du dansk?



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