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Take me back…



Some love stories never die.

Thank God!

And though I knew it hadn’t died, my love for Denmark has gone silent for a while. A long while. Pretty much a pandemic-long while. But like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, it was just waiting for its chance to blow the door I had built between me and Vikingland (so I wouldn’t miss it so much), to smithereens with its axe.

So… Yes, Denmark is suddenly back in my life full time!

I found a Danish teacher online, and despite my doubts that I’ll ever master it, Sigga (the teacher) did convince me to give the language another chance.

I still have pretty good basics, and the will to get back on track.

So as of tomorrow morning, I am starting my Danish classes (again). Because regardless of the difficulty level, I will master the language!

I’m so happy to embrace you again, Land of the Almighty!

I just hope you’ll take me back, as lovingly as during my first trips on your grounds. We might meet again soon. Who am I trying to fool? I will meet you again soon.  And this time… I’ll be able to make smalltalk with your people. And book flights and train rides, and order at restaurants, and ask for simple directions.

I’ll work hard. I promise.

Just take me back… Please? 🙂

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