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Thanks for being you!



This weekend, Chéri and I watched a documentary about different types of truck drivers in Ivory Coast.

I think it was meant to show the gap between the growing wealth of the country (which is the world’s number one cocoa beans exporter), and the hard lives of the drivers that work their fingers to the bone to make the industry keep running.

It gave me a nice ride (pun intended) down Memory Lane, because Ivory Coast is the Southern neighbour of Guinea, where I lived for five years. And everything about the landscapes and the people featured in the documentary felt so very familiar.

I won’t blabber about the whole thing, not that it wasn’t interresting, but one character stole the show in my opinion. And though his name wasn’t mentionned, I feel like his story deserves to be shared.

So first thing first, although the roads around the capital must be pretty much like the ones most of us are used to, the ones in more remote regions are very damaged and rarely well-kept. Accidents are many on these, and fatalities are plenty on them, years in and years out.

On one of these orphan roads, a man that  was handicaped in a car accident, dedicated the rest of his life to walking along it, day after day, filling the potholes with his shovel. And believe it or not, he takes care of about seventy kilometers of that road! The man doesn’t get any salary from his country, he does it just to prevent accidents like the one that left him with a paralized leg.

Over the years, people started to notice him, and now stop to tip him for his service. And luckily, that’s how he feeds his family. But it was clear, that tips or not, he would have kept doing it anyway.

And I think that’s so inspiring…

That’s exactly the kind of person I wish I could text simply to say Thank you for being you!

3 thoughts on “Thanks for being you!

  1. Yes wouldn’t it be lovely if the pot hole man could read your blog. Having an insight into the life of an ordinary person, much more interesting than reading about celebrities. You must tell us more about your five years in guinea.


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