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Cyranny’s quickie!



With today’s medias and social medias, do you think that a lot of people live their lives by proxy?

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6 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. I can’t speak for what other people do, only myself. And I know I don’t. Then again, I have so social media except this… so I’m a terrible example lol. I do know that more people have their noses buried in their phones than in the real world, but honestly, despite having all the medias, they’re usually playing stupid games like mahjong or Tetris. So.. I am still a terrible person to ask as I know normal people.


  2. There are all sorts out there. Whereas I think wasting time on futile endeavours online is unhealthy and can lead to missing out on some very meaningful living, in some cases, this tool can actually be of great use.

    I have a very lovely relative – severely immuno-suppressed and with tumours wreaking havoc on them. They cannot go out now – too risky for lots of reasons – not just catching something, but the risk of falling and serious injuries. Anyway, during the Pandemic, this relative discovered t’internet and zoom for the first time. Now they are very very active online – taking language lessons, in all sorts of groups to socialize and help people. Despite the limitations, the internet has enable them to go on feeling they can live a rich life.


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