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Out of Africa… (4)

I always loved learning stuff. Ok, with the exception of a couple of complicated maths and physics classes I had to go through in college, back when I aimed to become an eye doctor. (I don’t remember where in time, I figured ophtamology was a cool thing, and why…) I didn’t become an eye doctor…… Continue reading Out of Africa… (4)

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Out of Africa… (3)

I don’t have kids. But I do have friends and co-workers who have children, and it seems to me that today’s kids are very bored creatures, in general.  At least compared to when I was their age. I don’t know what happened with creativity, but I am under the impression that it is now an option…… Continue reading Out of Africa… (3)

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Out of Africa…  (2)

I am a woman. Shocking, I know. But as a woman, I long struggled with my image… I don’t mean to say that men don’t worry about how good they look, but unfortunately, I still believe to this day that a man can be attractive to women no matter what he looks like, if he…… Continue reading Out of Africa…  (2)

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Out of Africa… (1)

I mentionned a couple of days back, that I lived in Guinea for five years. Some people seemed interested about my experience, and I thought I could start a couple of short prompts about my life in Africa. I have a lot of clear memories of my time spent abroad, but I think it would…… Continue reading Out of Africa… (1)

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Traveling bloggers’ help needed, please!

Happy Wednesday Lovelies, Just a quick note to ask for a little help… Next Monday, my best friend is flying to Morocco, and she had a question for me. Knowing that Dirhams can’t be bought outside the country, she wondered what would be the best way to get cash money once there? The last time…… Continue reading Traveling bloggers’ help needed, please!

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November Rain…

Blogging is a funny thing… At least for me it is. Today, walking my 3 minutes walk from home to work, wishing I had found my good umbrella, which was of course not going to happen, I just thought…. “Meh, November rain!” Since my brain is almost always in blogging mode, I figured I would…… Continue reading November Rain…

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Mysterious ways…     I don’t know why, but I had this song in my head for a couple of days… I could have jumped on the Internets, and listened to it. But it is just not fun to reach out and grab whatever you want all the time… Sometimes you just want life to offer…… Continue reading Mysterious ways…