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Post some words of wisdom that speak to you…



I love WordPorn.

It’s been a while since I last posted one of these in The Cove, but I thought it fit today’s challenge beautifully.

The above comparison really speaks to me because, like a lot of people, I used to be very prompt to scrap an otherwise great day, because of a short upsetting conversation, or a negative event that only momentarely shook my good vibes.

When you sit and really think about it, it seems stupid that five bad minutes could set the tone for a whole day.

You’ll probably agree that this often happens when at work. So let’s do some quick math. I take an average of about a hundred calls per day, roughly. And in all honesty, if I get five upsetting calls during a shift, that’s a bad day. I wouldn’t say that all the others are bubbly gentle customers, but still. If I end up the day thinking it totally sucked because of five bitter souls, I am ignoring the 95% of people ranging from ”just polite” to ”I hope this guy’s terminal breaks down again, so I get to talk to him again”.

But I get that it’s easier said than done.

Still, I think trying to switch the focus from negative to positive is possible. And I’ll try my best to condition myself to do so. There is no reason one person’s bad day should contaminate mine.

They don’t deserve to spoil my good moods. Period.

What about you? What words of wisdom speak to you lately?


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4 thoughts on “Post some words of wisdom that speak to you…

  1. Best advice in recent years that I received: I can plan for things…..have all the contingency plans I want but life is not like that. Life is unexpected. If I could learn to accept that what was coming was unknowable and learn to respond to the situation not the gigantic life picture I was viewing. The one that had me planning for the things ‘I would do’ when I had more time…..more money. Since learning how to let go and know that there are so many outside factors that I have no control over I have been so much happier.

    Also it took me a long time to learn how not to let people’s attitudes bother me. So long. Like only this year long. LOL I have learned though and really can be a bit of a monster as when rude to me I will be so polite and as you walk away in bitterness my cheerful sarcastic voice ‘I really hope that you have an awesome day/evening’ will be ringing in your ears. And a smile on my face. And it also shows me how far I have come in the last two years since the big Kaboom at the end of 2017. Must be a sad existence to be bitter all the time. 🙂


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