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The hermit – part 7



How had she managed to even get there?

Wrapped in her raincoat, she felt uneasy sitting on the park bench. The recent shower had driven most people away, but there were still too many pedestrians going about, to her liking. What if someone she knew walked past her? What if someone randomly stopped to talk to her? She wasn’t ready for this…

And why here? Why this vast park, when she could have just crossed the street and taken a seat at a stone’s throw of her apartment? There were just too many trees, too much air, too much open space. She needed walls around her, her walls. She needed shelter, needed protection. But from what? From who?

She plunged her tiny hand in her huge purse, checking for what felt like the hundredth time… Wallet, sunglasses, cellphone, keys. Sunglasses, keys, wallet, cellphone. Keys, cellphone, wallet, sunglasses. Keys….

She stood up, and wondered what way to take.  Being outdoor made her a bit dizzy, and her thoughts weren’t very clear, to say the least. She looked left and right, he throat tightened and air began to burn her lungs with every breath.

When the hand landed on her shoulder, she jumped. The voice was familiar, but the panic burst made words blurry to her ear.


He seemed confused by her surprised reaction.

Did you expect anyone else, Beautiful? You’re invitation sounded more like a one on one meeting…

Her invitation? She didn’t recall inviting him. She didn’ t remember reaching out at all.

She suddenly didn’t care what she had or had not done. There he was, standing tall and strong in front of her. Gazing into his cerulean eyes, the knots in her throat loosened a little.

Oh how she had missed him! His greying hair, his smirky smile, his always laid back manners… When she pressed herself to his chest, he instinctively wrapped his arms around her in a protective way.

Shushh shush now, Precious. Everything’s fine.

She took a deep breath, and got instant comfort from his familiar smell. The thoughts flew everywhere in her head. Why? When? How? She wanted to appologize, wanted to understand… And only then, she realized she was sobbing loudly in Kane’s arms.

She breathed his manly, perfume free scent, once more, and felt the sorrow washing away. He helped her down to sit on the bench again, not letting her go.

Let’s take a minute here, and then I’ll take you home, ok?

She nodded, snuggling against him, wondering if that was his home or hers. She didn’t really care, as long as he was there. He seemed to hear every thought going through her head, as he hugged her tighter for a second before leaning back to take a look at her face.

It is over… You won’t be alone anymore!

Kane bent over her, and guided her chin up, cupping it gently with his hand. She could feel the brush of his lips against hers, his warm, soothing breath on her mouth when the rain started falling again.

Kiss me…

Her whisper died on his lips, and she felt like she was fainting.

Not now.. No!!

Darkness enveloped her, just as he was about to kiss her.



She woke up in sweats.

Lightning struck again, and she noticed she had forgotten to close the window just over her head. She wiped the tears and raindrops from her face, shut the widow close, and rolled over.

There still was time to rest. If she could fall back asleep…


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