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The hermit – part 8



The water dripped in the kitchen sink, steadily enough to annoy her.

Plop… Plop… Plop…

She got up and tried to stop it without much success. All she seemed able to do was to change the rhythm of the drops falling, and she soon gave up, swearing to herself. Looking around, she picked the hand towel hanging from the oven’s handle, rolled it into a ball, and threw it in the sink, to stop the nerve wrecking sound.

She had made good business online the night before and should have been inclined to celebrate, but she just couldn’t get herself to be in partying mode. Something in the back of her mind bothered her, and it wasn’t the fucking water dripping.

She felt angry. That didn’t come as a surprise, since she had been on the negative side more than her fair share in the recent past. Spending so much time alone did force her into almost constant introspection, and it shook a lot of old demons. But she wasn’t her usual angry that day.

She wasn’t mad because of the faucet either. Things broke. All the time, and without notice… Hell, people broke, how could she expect a simple faucet to work perfectly for ever??

It wasn’t the weather. The neighbours were quiet (for once! How could she be so pissed in such blissful silence??) and nothing had troubled her daily routine…

She wasn’t even anxious about anything. Just strangely pissed at life in general. What in Hell could be so wrong?

She fetched the broom, and started to clean around, to kill time. There wasn’t much to pick up, the place being so small, and her house chores so keenly taken care of, but she kept sweeping in every corner, relentlessly.

Suddenly she paused.

Realizing what had, indeed been driving her crazy all day, she put back the broom in the closet, and walked to her desk. She turned on her laptop, typped in her password and opened her personal email box.


She picked up her phone and checked for any new message pending.


The last note dated back to the last Saturday, right after Kane had left his weekly letter under her door. Five days ago.

She knew five days weren’t a big deal outside, but it was to her. Five days alone with herself felt like an eternity. She opened his message to re-read it.

Take good care, Precious.

It wasn’t like him, now that she thought about it. He usually left long notes, always mentionning that they’d keep in touch… Just not this time. She shivered.

Had Kane abandoned her too? Was his request to let him in his last attempt to get to her? She couldn’t have blamed him.

Her head started spinning. As much as she had seeked aloneness, she had never truly believed she’d manage to become a perfect shadow. No one needed her anymore.

No one.

Not thinking twice, she opened the desk’s drawer and her fingers ran through the pile of paper sheets hastily. Her heart skipped a beat when she found what she was looking for. She silently thanked Dr Bergenstein, and logged in her nearby pharmacy account to ask them to fill and deliver her prescription.

In a way, she felt relieved.

Just a couple of hours and it would all be over. She didn’t even shed a tear.

In the kitchen, the hand towel was now soaked, not muffling the broken faucet’s dripping noise anymore.

Plop… Plop… Plop…



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