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The hermit – part 4



The rain flickered against the window pane.

She lay naked in bed. How long had she been there? She had no idea. She rarely peeked at the clock, except on Thursdays, when her weekly groceries were to be delivered, and on Saturday mornings, of course.

She didn’t need to count or keep track of time. It was all she had, after all. Funny, she thought, how they were always running for time.

You can’t have it all. You just can’t.

The big career, the partying, shopping to keep an up to date wardrobe, visiting the trandy exhibitions to look smart, the occasional flirting, the casual sex…  Time spent planning all of this, and then keeping on schedule.

The wind blew a little stronger, changing slightly the soft melody of the raindrops against the glass. She closed her eyes and pressed his last note on her bare skin.

To anyone else, her life would have seemed bland and insipid. How could someone live not even knowing what the weather would be like the next day? Or what movie won the last Oscar?

She wondered what had more meaning… Feeding off people’s pre-fabricated lives, looking up to success stories, and down on so-called losers? Envying some, while pitying the others? Always comparing her looks, her knowledge, her possessions?


For a moment, she imagined his fingers running on the paper. It was his shortest message so far, yet the most meaningful. For months, he had tried to convince her to get out again. She had been so disappointed. He knew all the pain she had endured outside. Of all of them, he should have been the first to understand. Perhaps the only one.

The rain had subsided, and she could finally fully enjoy the cracking sound of her fingertips on the paper. She imagined his warm palm on her belly. Goosebumps rose all over her body at the thought of his skin softly brushing against hers.

He had finally gotten her. At long last, she didn’t feel alone anymore.

She knew the few words by heart, but she felt the need to read them again, to be sure it was all real. She lifted the more than short letter above her, focusing on his beautiful handwriting.


Let me in… Please!



Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Insipid

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      1. True! But no one will get that from me! LOL for everybody’s sake 😛 Ok, I could make an exception for one person, but the odds of me being in the position to do it are pretty close to none Mouahahahahahahahahahahahah

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