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I knew…

I knew, all along, I knew… Even when your Laughter licked my Back, as I walked Through the village. Even when you Mocked me, and Threw your vile Giggles in my sillage. Tell me, who’s laughing Now?? You can all stay In your miserable dirt And drag yourself, do your stupid work! I was never…… Continue reading I knew…

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The hermit – part 3

    As the days went by, she realized that if she was not to leave her apartment anymore, she needed to uncluther the place to have as much space as she could. She couldn’t push the walls, so getting rid of stuff was the only way to breathe easier. Sorting shoes, she wondered why…… Continue reading The hermit – part 3

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Potential – Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s Word of the Day is Potential If you want to participate create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See how to create pingbacks here. via Potential — Word of the Day Challenge