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Man, you’re so hot! Making me sweat bullets not lifting a finger, just lying here, my bare skin as an offering to your warm touch. Licking my neck, not giving me a sec, not a split second of respite… I wish I could hide how wet I am, because of you. If I dared to…… Continue reading Hawt!

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After Eight Moments…

  Instead of fluffy sheep to help me fall asleep, let me count your lovely freckles, as many tiny miracles like stars on the skies of your face, and Darlin’ shall I embrace the whole of your blowing beauty would I ever be so very lucky? I’d never want to wake again hold me forever,…… Continue reading After Eight Moments…

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Out of Africa… (5)

  If you live in North America, you know that life here, has become a race. Men, women and even the youngest children live in a perpetual rush. You wake up, rush to get ready, rush to get the kids to the kindergarden, or school, rush to get to work, rush to get the job…… Continue reading Out of Africa… (5)

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Amble – Word of the Day Challenge

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