Blogging · poetry · short · summer



Man, you’re so hot!
Making me sweat bullets
not lifting a finger, just
lying here, my bare skin as
an offering to your warm
touch. Licking my neck,
not giving me a sec, not a
split second of respite…
I wish I could hide how wet
I am, because of you. If I dared
to wear a white t-shirt, you
could totally see through it…

Man, you’re hot! I doubt you
could ever get hotter… Dang!
Give me a break, please…
you dang hot summer!

4 thoughts on “Hawt!

  1. What? White shire? 😉 Yes, this summer has been hot. However, I made a promise 3 years ago, after 8 feet of snow dropped on us in 45 days, never to complain about the heat and humidity again.


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