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Just thinking…

  After reading JoyRose’s latest post about books from her childhood that she still holds close to her heart, I came to think about The Little Prince. As I told JoyRose, it was the book that left the biggest impression on me as a young girl, and I am happy that it is a book I still can enjoy as…… Continue reading Just thinking…

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The power of dreams!

  And with an exclamation point, nothing less. You know I believe that with patience, perserverence and hard work, dreams can come true. Life has proven that to me, many times. But even the most optimistic of all will have doubts from time to time. That’s why I was particularly glad to read this! Negative…… Continue reading The power of dreams!

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She dared me…

  It is not my fault. I got dared. And everybody knows I can’t pass on a good challenge. But let’s begin from the start. Every Christmas, my bestfriend J and I make sure to book an evening together. We share a great meal, open a bottle of Pinot Noir, exchange gifts, and spend quality…… Continue reading She dared me…

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20 Odd Questions….

As you might have noticed, I’ve been pretty quiet lately. I will not bore you Lovelies with the details, but I think it was better for everybody if I kept my thoughts for myself for a while… I still try to work on my stories as much as time allows me to, which is not enough…… Continue reading 20 Odd Questions….

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Man, you’re so hot! Making me sweat bullets not lifting a finger, just lying here, my bare skin as an offering to your warm touch. Licking my neck, not giving me a sec, not a split second of respite… I wish I could hide how wet I am, because of you. If I dared to…… Continue reading Hawt!

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Are you meh??

Ok… Ok… Madame Suze told me I wouldn’t be able to keep myself from posting something, even if I wasn’t (close to being) done with commenting back on the past week. Stop laughing Suze… I got it, you were right! (again) But in my defense – not that I want to accuse anyone or point fingers – this is getting…… Continue reading Are you meh??

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The Cove by Cyranny — Meet the Bloggers

Kate has been rather insistent, hmmm… perserverant with me the last couple of months. The lady, also known as Calmkate, was incredibly patient with me, in her relentless will to have me fill this little “interview”. I’ve never told Kate, mostly because I hadn’t figured it myself just yet. But I think I postponed this week…… Continue reading The Cove by Cyranny — Meet the Bloggers