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Tonight, I think about you…

Wrapped in night’s cozy arms, I dwell and wander pointlessly, lulled by the silence of the fast-asleep city snore.

We were no Romeo nor Juliet. Not even close.

But we were pariahs on the love fields. Fighting against the world aswell as against each other, because we didn’t want these feelings to interfere with our plans. Or didn’t we? I think we were glad that Life didn’t bother to care about making our lives convenient.

Yet here I am today, lonely though not alone, wondering if you even remember what happened a thousand years back. It might not have been perfect, but it felt right. Is that what pushed you away from me?

Most people look up to fairytales, when reality is sometimes so much stronger. And it might only be me, but I’m guessing that far more people than we’d like to think have stories like ours in their black little notebooks.

I hope you sleep well, under our common moon’s sky. And I still wish you nothing but the best. You never said you loved me, I never said I loved you, but I trust that we both felt that way anyway. And though we agreed we’d never play with eachother’s feelings, I do think that you crossed that line.

That’s why I’m still waiting for a sign.

I’m silly that way….

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