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Where are them humans??



This morning, I woke up to the sound of Canadian geese flying over our home.

It is that time of year, when the geese fly back home (they are Canadien, after all). Some could think the honking is a disturbance, especially when you are sleeping in. The big birds are loud, and a whole flock of them is noisy to say the least…



But I love that sound. It is the call of early Spring… The promise that soon, the leftover snow will melt down, trees will grow leaves again, and flowers will bloom! Forget Phil the Groundhog… Canadian geese are the real Spring messengers.

And suddenly, I had this silly question on my mind… Since all the wildlife is starting to show up again, what do all the birds and animals think? Do they wonder where all the human beings have gone?


Goose A: Hey, how come it is so quiet here?

Goose B: No clue, keep flying, pal, you’re slowing down!

Goose A: Seriously… When we left, last fall, there were tons of noisy, annoying humans here… Where are they??

Goose B: I couldn’t care less… I’m starving, my wings are hurting, keep your focus! 

Goose A: There has to be something going on… Geez, that’s spooky! Maybe there’s finally something that hunts them human too!! 


Ok, that’s silly. But I still wonder if they noticed…

Here’s a short clip, if you want to see the geese’s point of view (seriously, this video is almost scary, when you know how ”alive” Montréal usually is).

When we get told to stay home… We stay home!

And the picture above is the look I got when this kitty spotted me walking up the street last time I had to get out to go to the pharmacy. It might be just me, but it felt like the furball was judging me. I bet it would have told me; ”What the dang are you doing outside??”, if it could have talked.

14 thoughts on “Where are them humans??

    1. Definately, Amanda 🙂 And though I hope we get through this crisis quickly, I am happy that they get to enjoy a much calmer environment, for the moment!


  1. Ah the Canada geese! Yes as you know I suspect they are spying on us to see who is breaking their quarantine. Nor seriously. I like the sound of their arrival too. And in the fall thousands of them gather near where we live to head off for the winter.


  2. Awesome post! I believe the animals may def be wondering about what is up?? It is eerie to be out. Praying this soon will be all over and hopefully we won’t take so much for granted again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Joy 🙂 I think that all of us, living through this world war, will keep invisible scars, to remind us that even if we don’t fight against each other, we still can get attacked at any time…


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