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I knew…

I knew, all along,
I knew…

Even when your
Laughter licked my
Back, as I walked
Through the village.

Even when you
Mocked me, and
Threw your vile
Giggles in my sillage.

Tell me, who’s laughing

You can all stay
In your miserable dirt
And drag yourself,
do your stupid work!

I was never good enough,
For your narrow minds.
You needed not love me
But you could’ve been kind…

Who cares? Look at me,
I’m flying! I’m the chosen
One, don’t even bother
Missing me, when I’m gone,

When I am gone…



This was writen for Kira, from Kira Scribbled. She invited her readers to put some words on her latest artwork. You can see Kira’s original drawing here. Please take a minute to visit the brilliant, fun and reeeeaaaally talented lady, and tell her Cyranny says “hi”!

14 thoughts on “I knew…

  1. Oh wow, such a lovely, bubbley, positive poem. I love your take on it and I should have known you’d make such a brilliant turn to it. You never disappoint!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I tried to post this on Kira’s page …. but can’t seem to get it to work.
    For what it’s worth …. here is my take

    Let gravity bring
    Me down
    From this string
    Of bright colours
    To fade
    Like all others
    To descend
    To end
    In the grey
    Come what may
    With life on earth

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love it! A decending instead of floating away. This is actually close to my idea on it and thank you so much for contributing. 😊
      Such fun!


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