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ISDB Club * My July


As you might have read already, yesterday I created the I’m-So-Dang-Behind Club.

I have no great hope that it’ll have much success, but I’ll never know if I don’t try, right? So the point of the Club is to give bloggers who have been busy during the past month an easy access to your most popular/personal favorite post of the past 30 days.

I normally post three to four times a day, so going through a whole month of missed stories and poems can be a bit dizzying.

Here are my picks for the month of July…




Devil Whispers

Dare you? – Explicit

Dance me

I knew




Random thoughts & fiction


Between bloggers – How to have a successful hiatus

My 4th of July

Being considerate?


Too late a letter

I love you

Hotel Lima



I’d also like to take a moment to mention the fact that sometime in July, Bitter Ben got locked out of his blog and had to start a new blog from scratch. If you used to follow Bitter Ben’s original blog, or if you’d like to find out about him, you can catch up here.

So there we go… If you’d like to join the ISDB Club, make a post similar to this one, create a pingback to ISDB Club – July edition and don’t forget to come visit others’ sum up of their month!

A happy August to you all!

10 thoughts on “ISDB Club * My July

    1. Me too, that’s why I work hard to redirect his readers to the new blog…

      Ben had a password problem with the original blog, but since he had created it using an email adress he no longer has access to, WordPress won’t allow him back into his own blog!!

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  1. Oh my god… I thought the post picks people would list would be, like, 2 or 3 for the whole month! If everyone lists this many, I’ll never catch up anyway! I already feel bad now because I can’t keep up with bloggers who post once a day. Any more than that and I get way too overwhelmed and I can’t read much of anything. I realize this is my own issue… but yeah… I’ll never catch up! And I’m trying to spend lots of time with my kids. Plus I’m trying desperately to spend time writing since I’m severely lacking with that right now. Oh man… overload!


    1. There is no rule, and it certainly depends on how many posts you published during the month too. I published a total of 116 in July, which is why I picked this many links. But no one “has” to visit them either… It is just the ones that should be most representative of my writing… Please stop pressuring yourself. It is totally useless, Gorgeous! I sure didn’t intend to launch this little project to stress anybody. I just hoped others would make a post too, so I could catch up with them… lol


      1. Well, I only had 11 posts for the whole month of July so I guess that explains why I feel totally out of touch with this entire world.

        I have no idea how anyone finds the time to make (or read) as many posts as you do… and I don’t even have a job!!

        Oh… and you know everything stresses me out. I hate feeling like I’m not a part of this world anymore but now that I’m out, I don’t know how to get back in.


      2. Well you certainly are not “out of this world” if you mean the Bloggosphere. You are having some quiet time, but that happens to everybody at some point. And blogging is no competition, you need to keep that in mind. it is useless to compare yourself to other bloggers… Do your stuff, your way, at your pace, and everything will be good!

        Btw, I might take that offer about the logo… If you’d like to make one for me, of course 🙂 You’d have a whole month, since the next ISDB Club post won’t get published before September 😉 What would you say?


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