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You know Bitter Ben? Read this!! You don’t know Bitter Ben? READ THIS!!

Happy almost-weekend Lovelies!

I’ll make this a short one (yeah, yeah yeah… I heard the eye-rolling!) as this is not about me, my silly thoughts or even Denmark.

This is about Bitter Ben. Wether you know or don’t know the man, you should click on the link below.

To make a long (and bitter) story short, Ben, who used to host Ben’s Bitter Blog, was locked outside his blog and haven’t been able to post for what seems to me like forever!

But Ben is not the type to let The Internets have the upper hand, and he created a new blog, to keep spreading his funny, clever and always entertaining bitterness around, untill he can (hopefully) get a hold of his original blog, someday.

Now, as the loyal minion I am, I have no choice but to ask you to pay Ben a little visit, and follow the new blog… How can I keep worshipping the Master of Bitter, if he has just a handful of followers??

If you don’t do it for him, do it for me…  (LOL)

On a serious note, if you have blog, you know how much time it takes to build an audience…  Just try to imagine if you had to go from 10 000 to scratch overnight! Please help spread the word. Ben’s a great guy, and I sure don’t want him to drown in his own bitterness, and give up blogging because of a stupid password problem!

So, what are you waiting for?  Click! Click! Click! You won’t regret it!


Hello my fellow Bitterlings. Some of you might recognize me from such blogs as my original one called Ben’s Bitter Blog, in which I posted over a thousand reasons why you should be bitter. I was humming along writing posts 5 days a week, when all of a sudden, the bitterest case scenario happened. I […]

via The Sequel is Always Bitter — Ben’s Bitter Blog 2

11 thoughts on “You know Bitter Ben? Read this!! You don’t know Bitter Ben? READ THIS!!

    1. Bad luck, really… he had a password issue, and wanted to change it, but he was using the email adress of a previous job back when he opened his blog. Since he doesn’t work there, he doesn’t have access to the email, and can’t get the blog back. Which is kinda stupid if you ask me, but WP doesn’t seem to think so… *sigh* We can help by spreading the word that he is now posting in the new blog… At least, that’s what I am trying to do 🙂 xx


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