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I love you.




Love can only be unrequited if it comes with a tag saying

“Love me back, please!”



How many times did you press your index on my lips, shushing me to silence? As if not letting me tell you, would keep me from feeling it. You probably never allowed yourself to wonder, if you could ever love me back.

I never kept count. Of the time daydreaming of you, of the sighs murmured to the winds, of the heartbeats bearing your signature. You closed your eyes, and covered your ears whilst I loved you with all my being.

You locked yourself in, and locked myself out. Afraid, perhaps, that I might win you over, in the end. You refused to look my hapiness straight in the eyes. You fooled yourself into believing that you were refusing my loving feelings. But love can only be unrequited if it comes with a tag saying “Love me back, please!”

And my love never came with a charge.


Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Unrequited

This is some sort of humble homage to Sarah Doughty, whose work I’ve admired since I first came across her blog. She is one of my favorite word-fairies! To find out about her beautiful micro poetry and storytelling, please take a moment to visit her site, Heartstring Eulogies.

9 thoughts on “I love you.

    1. Thank you, Astrid 🙂 I am really glad this spoke to you!

      Sarah is an amazing writer, and I hope you’ll enjoy her blog! She has such a way of playing with words… 🙂 xx


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