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What’s the World Wide Wave?

. Two weeks ago, I mentionned that I wanted to create a worldwide positive movement. I kept silent since then, but I worked hard to get it started. And here is the result of my hours of thinking and trying to put things together.I hope you’ll join us, and that you’ll bring your friends and…… Continue reading What’s the World Wide Wave?

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After Eight Moments…

    It’s been a weird day… A bit in the meh zone. Neither a ”good” or a ”bad” day. Just somewhere floating in between. With Chéri’s doctor appointments multiplying faster than rabbits, I decided to put up a separate blog, to keep track of everything going on. Who knows, maybe one day it will help…… Continue reading After Eight Moments…

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You know Bitter Ben? Read this!! You don’t know Bitter Ben? READ THIS!!

Happy almost-weekend Lovelies! I'll make this a short one (yeah, yeah yeah... I heard the eye-rolling!) as this is not about me, my silly thoughts or even Denmark. This is about Bitter Ben. Wether you know or don't know the man, you should click on the link below. To make a long (and bitter) story… Continue reading You know Bitter Ben? Read this!! You don’t know Bitter Ben? READ THIS!!

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Join us… New Word of the Day Blog!

  Hello Lovelies! Some of you have been participating to our Word of the Day Challenge already… Thank you so much for your support! In an effort to make things simpler for everybody, we have created a common blog to centralize the Word of the Day prompts. I’ll keep reposting the daily posts in The…… Continue reading Join us… New Word of the Day Blog!