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After Eight Moments…




It’s been a weird day… A bit in the meh zone. Neither a ”good” or a ”bad” day. Just somewhere floating in between. With Chéri’s doctor appointments multiplying faster than rabbits, I decided to put up a separate blog, to keep track of everything going on. Who knows, maybe one day it will help someone, going through something similar… Plus translating thoughts into words always helps putting things into perspective.


When I took out the trash, the above flowers caught my eye. The heart-shaped cute little thing forced me to climb upstairs and get my phone to snap a picture. And as a dear lady, Candice would say, This Made Me Smile Today!

Just showing that, no matter what, if you heart is open to it, Life will always find a way to give you a pat on the back, just when you need it!





If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

Description for the visually impaired: Close up on heart-shaped white flowers.


10 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

  1. The picture is lovely!
    Your idea of keeping track on a separate blog of all the appointments and how cheri’ is doing is such a good idea.
    Ah, you sweet woman… Just have faith and hope in your heart always. Things will be okay. You always have us to support you in anyway. 💗

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    1. I’m glad you liked the cute flowers too 🙂

      Yeah, I am so used to vent my emotions through blogging, that I thought I should write about our ”adventure”, with Chéri’s authorization, of course… But I figured it would be a bit of a downer to post about it in The Cove. The other blog will probably be very quiet, but I don’t write to entertain, there, anyway 😛

      Thank you for the constant support… It is always appreciate! Very much! Muuuuuuah!! 🙂

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