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Cyranny’s quickie!




Did the recent Tygpress incident change your way of blogging?




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10 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Yeah. I added a ‘terms and conditions” page and a badge I designed reminding folks the content of my blog is copyright protected. I don’t like all that either, I’d like folks to feel welcome on my blog and to borrow things as they want. That harvesting thing was a violation of privacy in my opinion.

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  2. Not for me personally. The thing is my stuff is pretty rubbish on the whole (only I am allowed to say that though) so I don’t feel too anxious about protecting it. However I respect the talented writers and poets who did want to make sure their work was protected.

    I couldn’t understand why someone would take so much content from so many bloggers – it seemed so crazy. But someone mentioned it is possible they were making money out of the number of visitors they had on their site. That’s not good. I don’t make any money out of my blogging – it’s just a hobby to keep my mind busy. I don’t think it is cool that others would be using my ramblings to make money for themselves really.

    I don’t know, I don’t have strong feelings about my own work, but I am very very upset that Teresa (The Haunted Wordsmith) had to close down her blog. She is so talented and puts in so much effort into her work.


  3. Not me. I am not attempting to monetize my blog or publish (other than on my blog). But what the whole tygpress situation did have one impact: it made me really proud of the community of bloggers on WordPress who worked diligently to bring down that site that was illegally harvesting our intellectual property.

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