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The grizzly’s breath felt warm on Cibelle’s shoulder, even through her thick cloak. The large muzzle moved over her still body, and she wondered why the beast didn’t just put a quick end to her misery…

Trust me…

She was dizzy, but the sound of Vohne’s voice was recognizable among all others, and she smiled, despite the pain that shot through her whole body, and the fear that nailed her to the ground. At least, he would hold her hand in her trip to the Afterlife.

The bear growled somewhat softly, and stepped forward, totally covering Cibelle’s frail silhouette. Its shadow swallowed hers entirely, and from the corner of her eye, she saw the buck backing up, jumping a bit as its rear pressed against the rocky wall, just by the stream. It didn’t run away, though. Probably wanting to assist to her bloody execution.

Trust me…

Vohne’s voice lulled her into a semi sleeping state, and she surrendered to her fate, waiting for the long teeth and sharp claws to rip her apart any second, now. Instead, a strange pressure started to cover Cibelle’s body. Legs first, than on her back… The grizzly was gently laying its monstruous weight on her.

Trust me…

Expecting excrutiating pain, as every bone in her body was about to break, Cibelle was surprised to feel a warm wrapping feeling, instead. Rough fur tickled her skin, to her dismay. How…?

When the bear dropped to lie on the frozen ground, the eagles shrieked again, in unison.

Things became blurry.

Why didn’t she feel hurt? What was going on?

Cibelle tried to scream but her voice was covered by the now angry and powerful growls. She reached left and right, hoping to find something to hold onto and pull herself from under the beast, only to see its large paws brushing on the ground…

Suddenly, she felt a jolt of energy and rage take over her whole self. Turning towards the stag, she noticed the pure terror in its eyes. Clearly wanting to escape, the buck turned to the water. It was the only way out.

Cibelle felt a wave of fury growing inside, as the large stag turned its back to her to walk into the stream.

Everything became vague and totally unclear. Cibelle’s numb body threw itself at the prey. In a flash, she was jumping on the fleeing deer, without the slightest fear. A gruesome ballet of claws, antlers, teeth and hooves started, splashing in the freezing waters.

The twin royal eagles circled above their heads, as the battle went on. Cibelle tasted blood in her mouth, wondering if it was hers. Everything was going so fast, though she saw the scene in slow motion. She was clearly fighting the buck, but how could she? Bare handed? Bare… Bare… Her head started spinning as she bit in the animal’s neck..

The bear… She was the grizzly bear.

The spirit of the wild animal took over her mind, and she blacked out.



When Vohne woke up next to Cibelle’s living room shrine, he jumped to his feet. The dream had been so vivid, that for a moment, he feared that the bear was in the room. Shaking the nightmare off, he noticed the fire was dying.

He needed to go out to get a few logs.

He was still weak, but he had to take care of things, until Cibelle’s return. He knew she’d be back… He knew… Well, he hoped.

Tying his winter boots on and wrapping himself in his warm coat, he headed to the front door. Opening it, his draw dropped at the sighting that awaited him.

Cibelle was lying, naked, in feotal position. Her blood covered body was resting, still, against the still fuming carcass of the largest buck he had ever seen. The contrast on the whiter than white snow was shocking.

Vohne cautiously walked closer, looking for the slightest movement. When his eye caught one, he sighed.

The deer was dead. Cibelle wasn’t.


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Update  (August 28th 2018):

I know it is a little late (try four months late…), but I didn’t remember where I had seen the picture that gave me the idea about the Cibelle “fusion” with the bear, until I ran into it tonight… The picture was the weekly inspiration for MLMM Photo Challenge  back in April…

25 thoughts on “Bloody…

    1. Thank you, Cheryl 🙂 This was a difficult part of the story to write in English… Cibelle fusing with the bear was a bit hard to translate. So very glad you enjoyed it! Your constant encouraging is really inspring…. Thank you 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Perhaps, someday… There certainly is a lot of potential stories to build around these two lovely people 🙂 I’ll keep playing with them for a while… We’ll see what happens 🙂 Thank you for your always kind words! xx

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Funny, because fantasy is not a genre I am very familar with. And not a comfortable one either. I feel lucky to have the inspiration to explore it, and people like you who enjoy it 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Gorgeous… I am glad this part is over with! I enjoyed writing it, but it was a “to be continued” in many parts… Now I can go back to more random events in Cibelle and Vohne’s lives 🙂 Thank you for the constant encouraging! This episode I kind of dedicate to you, Kate and The Bag Lady… You three ladies are always there to make me feel good about this series, and it is VERY appreciated 🙂 Muuuah!

      Liked by 2 people

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