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Boring beyond your wildest
Dressed in gowns of fiery
passion, doe eyes
painted over crimson
hungry lips.
You glance, you
chance an arm around
my hips. But you’re
no fool… You play it
cool, whilst
peeking behind the
mask. You smile,
taking a step back.
I close my eyes for
a second, a moment you’re
there, the next you’re
gone… Gone with the
wind. For you know now, I am
boring beyond your wildest

57 thoughts on “Boring.

    1. Thank you, Eleanor 🙂 Now that you say this, I agree that it has some burlesque feel about it… Thank you for pointing it out 🙂

      P.S. good idea to change your avatar picture to this one… it is so very cool!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Because of the summer vacation (mine are only in September) I have a lot of overtime on my schedule, to fill in for people having fun at home… Takes a lot of my time, but luckily inspiration has made a come back, so that helps me keep sane 🙂


      2. If you filter your wordpress emails it’s probably gone to there, But I’ll send something anyway. I can’t remember what I wrote now. lol


    1. Thank you, Paul 🙂 It isn’t, by all means, autobiographical, but thinking back, I probably drove some people away because of boredom. Novelty wears out after a while and some only seek that thrill. 🙂

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