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The hermit – part 6 (August 2nd FFF)

I was invited (well, not personally, but still…) to join the Fandango’s Friday Flashback! Fandango scrolls back, every Friday, and gives a second chance to a post he had published on the same date the year before. I thought it was a great way to remember some of the stuff I did a while back, and I decided to participate… So…… Continue reading The hermit – part 6 (August 2nd FFF)

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The hermit – part 9

  She counted the tablets one more time. Aligned on the kitchen table, she knew she had enough, but she didn’t want to need them to stop suffering. With labor’s day long weekend, most of her neighbours were away, gone to celebrate life with their families. The building was unusually quiet. No one would notice…… Continue reading The hermit – part 9

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The hermit – part 8

  The water dripped in the kitchen sink, steadily enough to annoy her. Plop… Plop… Plop… She got up and tried to stop it without much success. All she seemed able to do was to change the rhythm of the drops falling, and she soon gave up, swearing to herself. Looking around, she picked the…… Continue reading The hermit – part 8

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The hermit – part 7

  How had she managed to even get there? Wrapped in her raincoat, she felt uneasy sitting on the park bench. The recent shower had driven most people away, but there were still too many pedestrians going about, to her liking. What if someone she knew walked past her? What if someone randomly stopped to…… Continue reading The hermit – part 7

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The hermit – part 6

  One of the things she liked the best about her new reclused life, was her midday bathing ceremony. Before, lunchtime was just that. Time for lunch. A biologically imposed pause in the chaos of society. People had to eat. Everyone stopped for a brief moment, stuffed themselves with bland food, and rushed back to work.…… Continue reading The hermit – part 6

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Little survey…

Good evening Lovelies, As you all know, writing is often like a big roller coaster ride. With ups and downs, and some time spent mid-air, either climbing up, or crashing. The beginning of the year was a little hard on me, and for some time, I had to stick to short fictions and poetry. There’s…… Continue reading Little survey…

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The hermit – part 5

  She bent over the skillet, and almost got high on the bacon baking scent. The sun had not yet risen over the horizon, and to be quite honest, she wasn’t even hungry. She leaned towards the fridge door, and grabbed a sausage to throw in the pan. On any other day, she would have…… Continue reading The hermit – part 5

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The hermit – part 4

  The rain flickered against the window pane. She lay naked in bed. How long had she been there? She had no idea. She rarely peeked at the clock, except on Thursdays, when her weekly groceries were to be delivered, and on Saturday mornings, of course. She didn’t need to count or keep track of…… Continue reading The hermit – part 4

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The hermit – part 3

    As the days went by, she realized that if she was not to leave her apartment anymore, she needed to uncluther the place to have as much space as she could. She couldn’t push the walls, so getting rid of stuff was the only way to breathe easier. Sorting shoes, she wondered why…… Continue reading The hermit – part 3

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The hermit – part 2

  Her black nails contrasted with the bright white bathroom sink porcelain. She rubbed the soap frantically on her palms, and the scented foam dripped from her shaking fingers. Her hands were long clean, but she couldn’t just turn off the water and go on with the rest of her day. This was ridiculous. She…… Continue reading The hermit – part 2