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Little survey…

Good evening Lovelies,

As you all know, writing is often like a big roller coaster ride. With ups and downs, and some time spent mid-air, either climbing up, or crashing.

The beginning of the year was a little hard on me, and for some time, I had to stick to short fictions and poetry. There’s nothing wrong about that, I even took a month-long hiatus to try to focus again, and I don’t regret it at all.

Now, ideas are flying again, and I thought I’d ask for your help. If you’ve been a regular in The Cove for a while, you might know about my Cibelle & Vohne fantasy tales, the Hermit’s lonely life, and more recently, the introduction of the Muse.

If you are just joining, here are the links to check them out:


Cibelle & Vohne

The Hermit’s tales

The Muse


I know that I only wrote one post about the Muse so far, but the two characters have been tenants of a corner of my fantasyland for a some time, and I have a lot of bits and pieces of their life ready to be knitted into a story.

Now, I just wondered what you people thought… I know some of your preferences, but for a large majority of you, I am a bit in the dark.

I’d like to take into account what you think, even if it won’t change the plots, or the characters themselves. But sometimes, I am sitting in the living room, wondering if I should continue this or that series first.

So, if you’d be so kind as to let me know which series you prefer, what you like (or don’t… I am open to criticism) in a couple of words, just leave your thoughts in the comment box! Every opinion counts, and is appreciated!

Thank you in advance  🙂

Have a most lovely day/evening (depending on your time zone)


Cyra xx


27 thoughts on “Little survey…

    1. Yeah, I had a feeling you’d cheer for my lovebirds 😉 I’ll keep working on all three, that’s for sure… I have too much in mind for each character to let them die in silence. Cibelle & Vohne are the hardest to work with, because of their unique universe, but I’ll have a new episode ready soon 🙂

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  1. umm, can’t I just say all of them? I didn’t like fantasy…until I read your stories………I feel like the hermit is a group of people that I know and love….and the muse…well, it’s a MUSE for craps sake! Everyone needs a muse……….sigh.

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    1. LOL Suze 🙂 You know you can always have it all!! I’ll keep working on all three series, I have too much in mind for all of them… But if people lose interest, I might start writing offline, to keep the ideas flowing….


  2. I have to admit I haven’t checked out the Muse yet but The Hermit intrigued me. Unfortunately, the topic us a bit tough on me so my definite favourite is Cybelle & Vohne. Huge fantasy fan – can’t help it 😊

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    1. No worries about the Muse… We can’t keep up with everything everyone is posting 😛

      I reckon that the Hermit can be triggering at times, and Cibelle & Vohne are so endearing, I understand how they get the most votes 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about all three 🙂 xx


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