Cibelle & Vohne


Ever since I opened The Cove, almost all my stories have featured nameless characters. It is just the way I write, and I don’t like to bother with names, unless I get engaged in a long term story. For some reason, when these two walked into my Fantasyland, I felt they deserved an identity, and it was the begining of Cibelle & Vohne.

The mini tales about the couple and their magic-sprinkled world have been adding up, since. And I thought it was only fair that I created a page just for them.

So here is the collection of posts that feature the fairy-like, oversensitive and nature-connected Cibelle, and her mysterious, more rational yet totally dedicated lover, Vohne.

If you know them already, you can catch up with their tales. If you haven’t met them yet, here’s the chance to discover their parallel universe…

I hope you’ll enjoy their company. I know I do. But then again, they do live in my head.


Life’s not fair
First night together
Why do you love me?
Soaking beauty
The Creature
Tell me
Sweet dawn
Don’t be late
In between
The fight
The leave
The search
Beauty and the Beast
The One
The Stranger
The Revelation
In the Woods
In the Still of the Night
At the Door
Shooting Star
Precious Dawn
Hell Dogs coming
The Reunion
After the Storm
Unexpected Help
Just A Dream?
Above the clouds
Spectral mistral



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