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Shooting star…



Sitting face to face with the wizzard, rage still boiled within him. It took a long while before Vohne managed to calm himself down and he knew the old man had kept an invisible hand pressed to his chest, to avoid any jumping over the low table that separated them. Feeling the anger withdrawing, Claudius finally sat back, and sighed with relief, as his whole body relaxed.

Well that was quite a lot of unnecessarily spoiled energy, my young friend! Anger will get you nowhere. You’ll have to get rid of that…

The two men waited in silence, Vohne staring at Claudius, who had closed his eyes, resting on his armchair. Vohne examined the hills and crevasses on the wizzard’s face. For some reason, the wrinkles fascinated him. Suddenly, the lines started blurring out, and he could only vaguely see the old man’s nose and eyes, his sight slowly going out of focus. Vohne’s head felt heavy, and before he could even understand what was happening to him, he surrendered to sleep.

Semi conscious, feeling a fog-like blanket around him, Vohne felt strangely calm and peaceful. Was he dreaming? Had he dreamt the past hour? Was this only the fruit of his imagination? But Claudius’ voice resonated in his head.

Now is time for you to learn, Vohne. To hear the answers, to know the truth… 

His tone was soothing, and the words danced before Vohne’s eyes.

As I already told you, you need not worry about Cibelle… She is stronger than I thought she would be… Far more than I had imagined… You are one lucky man, Vohne… The Elders were right… 

But where was Cibelle, if not with the old man? Wasn’t he supposed to train her?

Train her? Don’t be silly… Cibelle is way more powerful than I’ll ever be… I never said that I would ”train” her… I was sent to ”prepare” her… To bring her to the heart of the forest… To show her the way to them… To introduce her to them… To help her to bond with them…

From the depths of his trance, Vohne tried to ask who they were. But the butterfly letters fluttering around shushed him.

Let me tell you a little about Cibelle… In the land of Cibelle’s parents, children come from the stars… Every summer, a great celebration is prepared for the solstice night… When couples are ready to become a family, they gather in a secret opening in the forest, under the brightest stars of the year… 

Why hadn’t Cibelle told him? This was surreal!

Stars detach one by one from the skies’ dark backdrop, and fall to earth in a firefly ballet, finding the arms of their predestined mothers… Star children have especially old souls, Vohne… Especially strong souls… But they also come to earth with a mission… 

Vohne tried to imagine Cibelle, falling straight from the sky. He now understood better why she was so mystically drawn to the full moon. And why she could spend hours watching the glowing constellations in silence.

Only the forest’s spirits can whisper that mission to a star child’s ear, when the right time comes… Only them can prepare the path, when the kids have grown up… And it was time for Cibelle to learn…

Suddenly something brushed against Vohne’s cheek. He still couldn’t see in the total darkness, but he caught a most familiar smell in the air. Most familiar, and most reassuring. She was there, with him and Claudius.

Now, I think it is better that I let Cibelle tell you herself…

Vohne listened carefully, but his Lover’s voice was breaking.…

Asking that she repeated, the words came a bit clearer, and he heard ”I must protect the One”. Vohne was stunned and confused. If she was the One, how could she be on the mission to protect herself, this made no sense! Claudius’ powerful voice covered Cibelle’s.

Vohne, I never told you that Cibelle was the One. You just assumed it.

But if she wasn’t, who was it?? Who would she have to risk her life for? He could not let her leave, even if her quest was admirable.

Listen closely, young man!

After the wizzard’s thunderous order, Cibelle’s voice seemed a lot nearer.

I must protect Vohne!

Vohne snapped out of the transe, dizzy and trembling in the armchair near the fireplace. Cibelle was now sitting by the old man’s side, with her usual smile, but a few wrinkles on her forehead betrayed her worry. Realizing that he was now fully awake, she ran to him, and nestled in his arms.

I am the One?

Claudius bowed his head, respectfully.




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