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The One…



A soft breeze brushed on Vohne’s cheek, suddenly shaking him out of his sleep.

The last nights had been troubled, to say the least, and rest had been a stranger to the old young man. Everytime the moon rose in the sky, his senses hightened. He could feel every vibration in the room, every change of light, caught every cracking of the old wooden walls… And each time, he turned to check on her.

Vohne lovingly spooned Cibelle’s delicate silhouette, taking comfort in the reassuring warmth of her silky skin. He envied her peaceful rest. From time to time, he dozed off to the sound of her breathing, only to wake up again, haunted by the vision of her blood covered frail body.

She was stronger than him. He had suspected it, but now he knew… Her soul was far more powerful than his, yet, he held her like a fragile bird.

The Beast would come back now. He felt it in his bones. Every living thing had spread the news about her fight with the mighty buck, all around the lands. It had to be aware, by now, of the great caribou’s defeat. Cibelle had the Mountain Spirits on her side, and she was fierce. She was to be feared… It would want to feed on that, one fatal night.

Yet for the first time in weeks, Vohne was waking up after a restful sleep. No horror vision blurring his mind, no rushing heart beat or shortness of breath…  He pulled her precious naked body closer as he looked around the room, looking for something new.

The room’s window was wide open, but he couldn’t recall Cibelle leaving his tender embrace. Beyond the worn out frame, what he heard was most surprising. The forest’s lullaby filled the room with the gentle ruffle of tree leaves dancing in the wind, and the melodious chirping of nightingales.

How could it…

I called for an early summer, Love… I thought we both needed the change.

Cibelle turned to face Vohne, and cuddled against his chest.

Since he had met her, he had known she was special. But until this days, he had pushed back the very thought that it might be true. Blinded by love, he had supposed that he was just idealizing her. Putting her on a pedestal he only was aware of, but could he have been this wrong?

He was speachless in amazement. She was tired of winter, and just like that, she had called for summer. And summer had come! And to her, there was nothing more to it than that.

He realized how much more meaningful his life would be, from now on.

The dusty manuscripts Father had told him about, the elders’ legends. They actually weren’t legends at all. It was true…

Cibelle streched to kiss his neck softly. Wrapping a leg around his waist, she pulled him closer and whispered to his ear.

Make love to me…

Aroused by her languorous request, Vohne covered her longing body, still wondering if she understood what their future held… The nightingales ceased to sing, and the wind died, leaving only the duet of sensual moaning to cling in the air.

A chill ran his spine as Vohne pushed his hips against hers, pulling a long cry of pleasure from her lips… She wasn’t just a woman… She wasn’t just Cibelle…

She was The One!


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13 thoughts on “The One…

  1. Yay for Cibelle and Vohne and their deepening, intriguing, sensual relationship and fantasy world. 🙂 So glad you still find time to visit them (though your other work has been wonderful, I would hate their story to just peter out). xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Eleanor 🙂 Cibelle and Vohne are, by far, my favorite characters, but still being new to their fantasy world, I sometimes need a little bit longer to come up with a new plot twist… I hope (and am not too worried) that they have a lot more stories to whisper to my ear 😉 xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL (I kind of heard Jack Nickolson the first time I read the beginning of your comment) Yes they are indeed…. And now that I’ve writen this part, I have at least two other stories coming too!

      I had a look at the C & V page to add the last link to it, and I was surprised to realize I already have 20 posts about them… How did this happen?? Well, of course in great parts thanks to people like you, Eleanor and Kate, who keep motivating me great deals!! I’ll never thank you enough for that 🙂

      For the fun of it, I added the words of all 20 posts, and I am up to 11,766 exactly! Wow, that’s like 47 full pages of these two fantasy lovers… Isn’t that just incredible??


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