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Precious dawn…



Vohne hadn’t slept a single minute, but he couldn’t care less. Just being close to her again sufficed to find him absolutely content, in the early morning’s light. Sure he had spend the night trying to process the eve’s revelations, but he didn’t feel tired at all.

Cibelle lay just next to him, where she belonged. Vohne wanted to run his fingers through her hair, and wrap himself around her tightly. But he didn’t wish to disturb her peaceful sleep. Of course, she had had much more time than him to accept their new fate. Still, it impressed Vohne to see how well she was taking the news.

Every feature of her face mirrored a perfect inner calmness.

Vohne smiled, and waited patiently, pacing his breathing on hers. He could almost feel their hearts beating as one, too. Maybe, just maybe, he could convince her to runaway and find a new place to live. Perhaps in the mountains, where he had grown up. They could find a place even more remote, where no one would find them. Not even Claudius. Not even kismet.

A soft quiver shook the bed sheet, as Cibelle woke up, at last. She didn’t open her eyes right away, but Vohne just knew she was awake. She grinned, savoring the last moments in Morpheus’ arms, and then her eye lids opened slowly.

Good morning, Love!

Good morning, Beautiful!

Vohne wondered if Cibelle’s natural and stunning beauty would ever fade, even just a little. He couldn’t fathom that idea. It seemed that as the years passed by, she was getting more and more pretty.  Or maybe it was just his love for her that was getting this much stronger with every new day.

I love this precise moment, Cibelle stretched like a cat, under the sheets, the turning point between sleep and awakeness. Do you feel it too?

He raised a brow, wondering what she meant, exactly. She leaned his way, and stole a long kiss from Vohne’s lips. Then, filling the room with her clear giggles, she continued…

You know? That moment, when you realize you are awakening, but you are not quite back from sleep. I feel like I am slipping through my body, as if I was putting on a silky dress. It is a wonderful feeling. Don’t you feel it too?

Vohne shook his head softly, and let her go on…

Sometimes, I think that I leave at night, to wander around elsewhere… It feels so real, I can hardly believe these meanderings are just dreams. 

She sat straight in the bed. Amusement suddenly lit her whole face.

I’ll try to take you along! I am sure you’d love it too! Just promise never to forget coming back to your body when dawn peeks!

Vohne pulled her over, wrapped in the bed sheet like a giggly little gift. Rocking her tenderly, he murmured to her ear…

I promise, Love. I’ll always come back to you!



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6 thoughts on “Precious dawn…

    1. Mouahahahaha that last thought really made me laugh. It would have been funny to see him pop up, indeed… But I think my little love birds needed a short break from all the action. They are most likely going to step out of their comfort zone for a long time soon 😉

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